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From 1965 to 1993, the ŠKODA JS a.s. produced and supplied a total of 21 VVER 440 reactors and 3 VVER 1000 reactors. For many units, mostly in Central and Eastern Europe, ŠKODA JS a.s. was the final supplier of the primary circuit and fuel management systems.

The Company has developed, produced and supplied a number of various kinds of equipment for nuclear power plants and their reliable and safe operation, as well as providing manipulation, storage, repairs and modernization.

Over the course of its existence, ŠKODA JS a.s. has become a traditional supplier of equipment such as reactor internals (since 1965), control rod drive mechanisms (since 1980), flange joint stud tensioners (since 1982), hermetic cable penetrations (since 1993), compact spent fuel storage racks (since 1993), transport and storage casks for spent nuclear fuel (since 1995), and others.


Investment engineering - nuclear power plant projects

Reactor type Pcs Nuclear power plant
HWGCR (1500MWe) 1 Bohunice A1 (Slovakia)
VVER 440 / V-213 21 Pakš (Hungary), Bohunice V2 (Slovakia), Dukovany (Czech Republic), Nord (Germany), Ziarnowiec (Poland), Mochovce (Slovakia)
VVER 1000 / V-320 3 Belene (Bulgaria), Temelín (Czech Republic)

Investment engineering - other projects

Scope of supply Pcs End user country
Research and experimental reactors 7 Czech Republic
Refurbishment of the instrumentation and control system at the Dukovany NPP 1 Czech Republic
Reconstruction of the gas treatment unit 1 Russia


Manufacture of equipment for VVER- and RBMK-type NPPs

Scope of supply Pcs End user country
Control rod drive mechanisms PRO (VVER 440) 1000 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Ukraine
Control rod drive mechanisms LKP (VVER 1000) 1200 Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria
Control rod drive mechanisms RBMK 58 Lithuania
Hermetic cable penetrations more than 2000 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine
Neutron flux measuremnt channels more than 1800 Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
Main flange joint stud tensioners (VVER) 13 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria
Tensioners - other types 14 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria

Manufacture of equipment for PWR and BWR-type NPPs

Scope of supply Pcs End user country
Reactor pressure vessel support frame (PWR) 1 France
Reactor internals (BWR) – support grid and core shroud 2 Sweden
Hydrogen recombiner (ABWR) 4 Taiwan
Main flange joint stud tensioner (ABWR) 2 Taiwan
Reactor steam dryers (BWR) 2 Finland
Reactor pressure vessel support ring (EPR) 1 Finland
Manipulator of reactor internal parts (EPR) 1 Finland
Reactor internal parts (EPR) 2 Finland, China
Core barrel handling equipment (EPR) 1 Finland
Spent fuel cask transfer facility (EPR) 1 France

Spent fuel storage

Scope of supply Pcs End user country
Compact spent fuel storage racks for VVER 440 and VVER 1000 reactors more than 11 000* Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine
Compact spent fuel storage racks for PWR and BWR reactors more than 1000* South Korea, Germany
Spent fuel and high active waste transport and storage casks more than 400 Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Switzerland, USA
* number of stored fuel assemblies


ŠKODA JS a.s. also places emphasis on providing support and servicing for nuclear power plants currently in operation. The traditional services provided by ŠKODA JS a.s. include mainly in-service inspections of the reactor's pressure vessel and the main circulation piping, and the execution of repairs such as replacement of the tubeplate at the reactor guiding tubes block, seismic reinforcement of the primary circuit, and many others. The service teams of ŠKODA JS a.s. are gradually expanding the range of services provided mainly in connection with maintenance of the six Czech nuclear units at Dukovany and Temelín.