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  • 21. 12. 2017 | Wrote about us

    Ensuring localization of nuclear construction supplies is necessary

    Josef Perlík, the General Director of ŠKODA JS says:

  • 24. 10. 2014 | Press release

    Information for the press regarding cooperation between ŠKODA JS a.s. and GP „NAEK Energoatom“

    In connection with recent information in the press regarding the continuation in cooperation between ŠKODA JS a.s. and GP "NAEK Energoatom" we consider it necessary to state that such negotiations are conducted within the intergovernmental dialogue between the government of the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

  • 16. 9. 2014 | Press release

    University of West Bohemia has entered into cooperation agreement with ŠKODA JS a.s. and Doosan Škoda Power

    The Rector of the University of West Bohemia Mrs. Ilona Mauritzová, the Chairman of the Board and General Director of ŠKODA JS a.s. Mr. Miroslav Fiala and the Human Resources Director of Doosan Škoda Power Mr. Richard Kabuď entered into a frame cooperation agreement on September 16th. These two significant Pilsen companies had begun their cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Power System Engineering, of the University of West Bohemia (ZČU) some time ago. Now this cooperation has been formally confirmed, during the signing ceremony attended by the above mentioned representants of the institutions.

  • 11. 4. 2014 | Press release

    MIR.1200 Consortium press release about the cancellation of the procurement procedure for construction of Temelin NPP

    We have worked hard for five years and invested almost one billion crowns into the project. The government said yesterday that nuclear energy development remains its priority. We hope that the Czech state will not let this unparalleled opportunity to do something for the entire Czech economy remain unused. We believe that very soon we will be informed about the next steps that will reflect the interests of this country and that will not endanger its energy security and independence.

  • 11. 1. 2014 | Wrote about us

    Škoda JS succeeds in Austria

    Škoda JS, a company seated in Plzeň and the leader of MIR.1200 Consortium, is going to supply a new control rod instrumentation and control system for a research reactor in Vienna.

  • 2. 10. 2013 | Press release

    IMS and ASME Recertification in Company ŠKODA JS a.s.

    The certification of conformity of internal management systems with international standards and regulations forms an integral part of the business policy of the company ŠKODA JS a.s.

  • 4. 6. 2013 | Press release

    Another Successful Year behind ŠKODA JS a.s.

    In 2012, the revenues of company ŠKODA JS a.s. approached the threshold of five billion Czech crowns. It has been the thirteenth successful year in a continuous row.

  • 19. 12. 2012 | Press release

    ŠKODA JS a.s. succeeded in Czech exporters contest

    Company ŠKODA JS a.s. participated in the “Exporter of the Year” contest organized by the Entrepreneurial Middle Class Association and the Association for Business Development in the Czech Republic. The patronage over the contest was taken by the Czech Chamber of Commerce. The decision on entering the contest was supported by good economic results in the last years, especially export revenues that have tripled during the last three years.

  • 1. 11. 2012 | Press release

    Large exhibition Nuclear Days in Techmania or Myths and Facts about Nuclear Energy took place in Plzeň

    On October 1st the main part of this year’s volume of popular-educational project “Nuclear Days in Techmania or Myths and Facts about nuclear Energy” was launched in Techmania Science Center.

  • 7. 9. 2012 | Wrote about us

    ŠKODA returning in Pilsner hockey club name

    Pilsner hockey club, the third most successful ice hockey team of the elapsed extra league year, today presented its new name HC ŠKODA Plzeň. Škoda Transportation has been the general partner of the club for three years and just double increased the financial support for the next three hockey seasons. Therefore, after 19 years the name of the traditional rail vehicle manufacturer will return in the club’s name.

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