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ŠKODA JS a.s concluded contract for modernization of Paks nuclear power plant

Date: 5. 3. 2015

ŠKODA JS a.s., a member of the Russian OMZ Group, concluded a contract with company MVM Paksi Atomerőmű for the modernization of the Paks nuclear power plant safety systems worth 1 billion Czech crowns. All 4 reactors at Paks NPP were produced at a turn of the 70s in the present ŠKODA JS, which also ensured on-site supervision of reactors assembly.

In the years 2015 – 2019, ŠKODA JS will firstly supply designs and solutions and then   Reactor Rod Control Systems (RRCS) and Reactor Control Systems (RCS). The decision on modernizing the nuclear power plant systems resulted from the need to ensure conversion from the outdated analogous system supplied by the original Russian supplier in the 1980s to a state-of-the-art digital one.    

ŠKODA JS proved its competence for safety systems modernization at the Czech nuclear power plant in Dukovany, where it is now finalizing modernization at all four units. The main goal is to increase nuclear safety. However, necessary preconditions for the extension of the nuclear power plant lifetime are thereby created.

Together with ŠKODA JS, other Czech companies, such as ZAT Příbram, also take part in the project in Hungary. In total, the share of Czech and Hungarian supplies is 80 % : 20 %.

The Paks nuclear power plant is operated by company MVM Paksi Atomerőmű and it is owned by MVM. Company MVM is similar to Czech ČEZ and it is 100% owned by the State of Hungary. The Paks nuclear power plant (called Paksi Atomerőmű in Hungarian) is the only nuclear power plant in the territory of Hungary. Nevertheless, with its four reactors (VVER 440, type 213) it covers nearly 40 % of the overall production of electricity production in the country. The nuclear power plant was commissioned in the years 1982 – 1987.

Jan Stolár, press agent of ŠKODA JS a.s. jan.stolar@skoda-js.cz  605 221 093