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ŠKODA JS to produce spent nuclear fuel casks for ČEZ

Date: 1. 6. 2015

ŠKODA JS a.s., a member of the OMZ Group, won the tender organized by ČEZ, a. s. for the supply of spent nuclear fuel casks for the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant. Based on the concluded contract, ŠKODA JS is to supply dual-purpose metal storage and transport casks, including handling equipment. The first cask will be supplied at the end of 2018, with 2 to 6 casks being supplied annually until 2035. The contract value is CZK 2.682 billion.

The body of the ŠKODA 1000/19 cask consists of a forged steel cylinder 2.5 meters in diameter and 5.5 meters in height, with an inserted polyethylene moderator for neutron shielding. The inner surface is protected by metal plating. The retentive system is made up of two screw-on lids equipped with a metal seal to guarantee leak-proof durability for a minimum of 60 years. The basket, which consists of hexagonal tubes of aluminum alloy containing boron carbide, allows the loading of 19 fuel assemblies.

"The storage of spent nuclear fuel is one of the areas that ŠKODA JS focuses on, which expands the company's portfolio of supplies and services for the nuclear power industry," says Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director, Miroslav Fiala. The company has been producing spent nuclear fuel casks in its reactor hall since 1995, and so far has supplied close to 400 casks to nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and Bulgaria. The company continues to modernize and improve its products in this area.

Spent nuclear fuel can be safely stored in the casks for decades until it is moved to its final repository, whose construction is currently being negotiated in the Czech Republic. Spent nuclear fuel can also be recycled and used in the production of new fuel cells.