Homepage News New Czech Energy Alliance aims to boost companies' chances in tenders

New Czech Energy Alliance aims to boost companies' chances in tenders

Date: 22. 9. 2015

Source: ČTK

The Czech Republic's top engineering companies have established the Czech Energy Alliance. The purpose of the alliance, consisting of more than a dozen companies, is to increase their chances of winning foreign tenders, particularly in the nuclear power industry. The media learned about the alliance from Peter Bodnár, Director General of Škoda Praha, leader of the new pool of significant industry players.

"The Alliance is going to be a partner for large international companies in matters concerning the construction of mainly nuclear power plants," said the director of Škoda Praha, a subsidiary company of ČEZ. Bodnár sees the first business opportunities in deliveries for power plants in Turkey, Jordan, Hungary, Finland and the planned completion of the Temelín and Dukovany nuclear power plants.

The initiative has emerged from the National Action Plan for the Development of Nuclear Energy, which the government approved in June and which recommended the formation of such an alliance of industrial plants. Apart from Škoda Praha, the Alliance includes the engineering companies Alta, Doosan Škoda Power, Sigma Group, MSA, Modřany Power, Vítkovice Holding, I.B.C. Praha, Královopolská RIA, ZAT, ZVVZ Group, Škoda JS, Elektro Kroměříž and OSC.

Present at today's constitutive meeting were Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (ČSSD) and the CEO of ČEZ, Daniel Beneš. The Prime Minister has supported the establishment of the Alliance. "For the Czech government, the Alliance, made up of 13 leading Czech engineering companies, will be a major partner in further developing the Czech engineering industry, creating new jobs as well as increasing the competitiveness of companies," said Sobotka.

"I believe that this act will help us strengthen our engineering industry, which will be the foundation of the Czech economy," added ČEZ CEO Beneš.

Other tasks of the Alliance will be to ensure communication between the government and the industry and to participate in the evaluation of the National Action Plan for the Development of Nuclear Energy. This document, which follows up on the updated State Energy Policy, is an expression of the Czech government's effort to urgently commence preparation of the construction of one nuclear unit at the Dukovany nuclear power plant and one nuclear unit at the Temelín nuclear power plant, with the possibility of expansion to two units at both power plants.