Homepage News ŠKODA JS will develop, produce and deliver spent fuel casks for Dukovany

ŠKODA JS will develop, produce and deliver spent fuel casks for Dukovany

Date: 11. 5. 2016

Today ŠKODA JS a.s. and ČEZ a.s. signed a contract for the delivery of spent fuel storage casks for the Dukovany nuclear power plant. Based on winning a tender, ŠKODA JS a.s. will deliver metal dual-purpose packaging assemblies for transport and storage, including handling device.

The first cask will be delivered in mid-2021, consequently 2 – 6 casks will be delivered every year until 2031. If the service life of the power plant is extended, the deliveries of casks will continue until 2048. Therefore we are talking about 35 casks in total, and an option for another 55. When the development is completed, the production of a prototype will take 18 months. Then, in the standard production, one cask should be made in approximately 10 months. The contract value exceeds 3.8 billion crowns.

The ŠKODA 440/84 cask body is a cylinder made of forged steel with a diameter about 2.6 meter and a height 4.3 meters, with embedded polyethylene moderator for neutron shielding. The inner surface is protected by a metal coating. The restraint system consists of two bolted stainless steel lids with metal seal, which ensures tightness for at least 60 years. Basket composed of aluminum alloy hexagonal tubes enables loading of 84 fuel assemblies.

"The concluded contract pleases us not only because it brings a new significant contract and a perspective for production in the Reactor Hall, but mainly because we succeeded in the tender with a new type of cask, designed and developed by our company. We would like to offer it also to VVER 400-type power plants in other countries," said the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of ŠKODA JS a.s., Mr. Josef Perlík. The company has been producing spent fuel casks in its Reactor Hall since 1995, so far it has delivered almost 400 pieces to nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and Bulgaria. Spent nuclear fuel can be stored safely in these casks for decades before the disposal in the final repository, however it can be also recycled and used for production of new fuel cells.

Yesterday ŠKODA JS a.s. announced its financial results for the year 2015, which was another year concluded with a significant profit. During 2015 the company signed long-term contracts worth 4.2 billion crowns. The above contract confirms the positive trend of the company´s growth.