Homepage News ŠKODA JS has successfully completed another stage of works at the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant

ŠKODA JS has successfully completed another stage of works at the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant

Date: 2. 1. 2017

In the end of 2016, which was the 60th year of its activities in the nuclear industry, ŠKODA JS a.s. completed another stage of works on preparing Unit 3 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant for commissioning.

Our company has announced that the primary circuit detachable parts are prepared for pressure tests on the date agreed with the client and that they have met the requirements for pipeline purity and for the relevant construction tests. These aforementioned parts are the piping systems that are directly connected to the reactor vessel. Thus ŠKODA JS a.s. continues to fulfill its contractual obligations in the completion of the Mochovce NPP.

The Mochovce NPP completion is the largest investment project in Slovakia, in which ŠKODA JS has been involved since 2009. At present, the main scope of our activities on Unit 3 is the completion of installation works, preparation of inactive tests and the consequent commissioning, including ensuring the necessary documentation. Based on additional contracts, we have also participated in coordination of subcontractors´ activities and the overall project management.

Mr. Josef Perlík, the Chairman of the Board and the General Director, commented this milestone with the following words:

"After a successfully completed reactor test installation, this is another significant milestone within the Mochovce NPP 3&4 project finished in the last year, but it is also a milestone in fulfillment of our contractual obligations. We have repeatedly demonstrated a high level of our knowledge as well as our readiness to participate in other projects regarding construction of nuclear power plants and implementation of investment engineering EPC projects".