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ŠKODA JS won a prestigious award for innovation

Date: 8. 2. 2017

ŠKODA JS a.s. has won an award for innovation in the international competition Quality Innovation Award 2016 organized by the Finnish Quality Association. In the category Business Innovations of large companies it succeeded with equipment for removal, transport and disposal of neutron flux sensors and thermocouples from VVER 1000 type reactors. The equipment serves for removing and disposing intra-reactor measurement sensors from the reactor protective tubes block after the sensors have reached their operating lifespan.

KNIŽThanks to using an innovative solution based on the principle of cutting the sensors to be disposed, the capacity of the radioactive waste disposal site is increased significantly. Further, the new equipment is more economic in terms of electrical power consumption.  A special advantage of the equipment also lies in shortening the sensor disposal time during a reactor outage, which brings a significant economic effect to the nuclear power plant operator. The shortened disposal time as well as the proposed manner of operation using video cameras and remote control then contributes to decreasing the radiation doses received by the operating personnel. The operating personnel does not come into contact with the contaminated sensors at all, as contrasted to the original solution that required immediate presence of the operating personnel at the device during disposal execution.  

The equipment was entirely developed and produced in the company ŠKODA JS. Its basis comprises a shielding body including a sensor feeding mechanism, a cutting head and an area for placing a case for the storage of cut sensors. The shielding body is of a cylindrical shape having a diameter of 1350 mm and a height of 2100 mm. Its weight amounts to 27 t.

The award certificate signed by the President of the Republic of Finland, Mr. Sauli Niinistö, was collected by the representatives of ŠKODA JS a.s. at a ceremonial meeting in Prague.

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