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Spent fuel cask transfer facility in Flamanville nuclear power plant

Date: 7. 3. 2017

Company Electricité de France (EDF) awarded company ŠKODA JS a contract for the design, quality assurance, production and assembly of the Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Facility for the future 1600 MW EPR power plant in Flamanville. The major part of the above mentioned equipment has just been transported from the reactor shop of ŠKODA JS to France and its assembly has been initiated. The facility provides the entire process of handling a spent fuel cask involving its transport to the place of loading, actual loading with spent fuel and subsequent removal of the spent fuel cask and its transport to the interim storage facility.

Zařízení na vyvážení kontejnerůWithin the frame of this complex order, SKODA JS has executed the design and provided installations (of mechanical parts, manifolds, instrumentation and control systems), ensured procurement of semi-products and components, production and tests in ŠKODA JS as well as on-site assembly and tests in Flamanville.

The facility comprises several stationary and mobile sub-assemblies, whereas a part of those is installed in the fuel building. The weight of the mobile part of the facility comprising a Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Machine (SFCTM) that has just been transported to France amounts to approximately 76 tons, whereas the maximum weight including a loaded spent fuel cask exceeds 200 tons. The Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Machine is more than 8.5 meters long, more than 4.5 meters wide and its height amounts to approximately 7.5 meters. The speed of its travel along rails by means of its own drive is maximum 0.06 km/h, or 10 km/h if a tractor is used. 

"We are pleased to have had the opportunity to execute this order and been entrusted by our French partner with such an important task. The project was highly challenging invention and technology-wise and and we accomplished it thanks to a high level of qualification and motivation of our employees and great cooperation with the customer. We have once again proved that SKODA JS is able to participate in nuclear projects based on various types of reactors. The basis of our know-how consists in the fact that we continuously develop and make benefit of our experience and that we are permanently open to new challenges, "says Josef Perlík, the General Director and Chairman of the Board of ŠKODA JS.