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Results of the year 2016 - basis for the next successful years

Date: 17. 5. 2017

ŠKODA JS is ready to significantly contribute again to the development of the Czech nuclear power industry.

In 2016, the revenues of the company ŠKODA JS a.s. reached the value of 4.4 billion Czech crowns, which represents an increase by more than 25 % compared to the year 2015. Export took a 56 % share in the revenues, directed to total 16 countries, whereas the major ones were Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Sweden. For the company future, the key feature is the volume of the orders newly received that exceeded 4.2 billion Czech crowns. Profit before tax rose from 108 million in the year 2015 to 178 million. The company reached the above mentioned results also thanks to higher efficiency and quality growth. The ratio of net profit to revenues increased from 2 % in the year 2015 to 3 % in the year 2016. ŠKODA JS still permanently renews the company equipment and machinery, expending more than one hundred million Czech crowns on purchasing and repairing the investment assets in 2016. The amount of employees stabilized at a number of 1100.

ŠKODA JS executed the major part of the revenues, 57 %, within its engineering division. It defended its position in the construction of two units at the Mochovce NPP, reached significant milestones within the schedule of task performance and preparation for commissioning. The project of I&Crefurbishment at Pask NPP continues successfully, the company underlined its strong position in the field of I&C by signing a contract on I&C refurbishment at Zaporozhe NPP. By approving a long-term perspective and providing the production load, the company managed to stabilize its Production division that contributed to the revenues of the year 2016 by nearly 25%. The work on the company’s own design casks for Temelin and Dukovany NPP is interesting not only from the view point of its volume in the horizon in a number of years but also in terms of proving the inventive ability of the company. The production of control rods and regulation elements for VVER type reactors still continues. The Service division, whose share in the revenues amounted to 18 %, continued in providing maintenance at Dukovany and Temelin NPP.

The company won an award for innovation in the international competition „Quality Innovation Award“ for its equipment for removal, transport and disposal of neutron flux sensors and thermocouples from the VVER type reactors.  

The year 2017 is important for fulfilling the Updated State Energy Policy and National Action Plan for the Development of the Nuclear Power Sector. This year, a significant part of preparatory work will be carried out to enable solving the selection of the supplier and the method of financing in the year 2018, as stated in the published schedule.   

„We believe upon the preparation of construction of new nuclear power units, the scope of involvement of Czech companies will be taken into consideration”, said the General Director and Chairman of the Board of ŠKODA JS, Josef Perlík. „It implies not only direct economic benefits but also, together with higher qualification of participating employees, subsequent development of regions and communities. The experience from participating on a large local project will increase the competitiveness of Czech companies on the international level. Nuclear power industry belongs to high-tech sectors, the share of local companies in its development enhances the qualification structure of economics as well as the prestige of the entire country“.

„The volume of supplies of Czech and Slovak companies on the construction of the 6 existing power units (Dukovany, Temelin) is estimated to be 75 – 80 %,“ reminded J. Perlík. „We are convinced at least 70% of the new power units may be executed by local industry. The Temelin tender ended prematurely in the year 2014, nevertheless important Czech players and potential suppliers, same as ŠKODA JS, continued in providing supplies for local units as well as for nuclear power plants abroad, maintained the continuity of their qualification and potential, ability to fulfill even changing and increasing requirements of new projects and customers. ŠKODA JS is prepared to offer supplies for the project of new Czech power units in the range of tens of percent“.