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ŠKODA JS to supply to the French key equipment for a British power plant

Date: 10. 7. 2018

Company ŠKODA JS a.s. has concluded a contract with French company FRAMATOME for the production and supply of two sets of EPR 1600 MW reactor pressure vessel internals for the construction of nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C in Somerset County, Great Britain. The supply shall include in particular: Core Barrel, Heavy Reflector and Upper Internals that is analogous to the upper block of a VVER 1000 reactor.

The concluded contract concurs similar supplies of company ŠKODA JS for its French partners for nuclear power plant construction projects in Finland and China. In the year 2010, company ŠKODA JS a.s. supplied Core Barrel, Heavy Reflector, including machining individual forged slabs, and Upper Internals to nuclear power plant Olkiluoto 3. Then in the year 2012, the company supplied the same scope of equipment, excluding machining individual forged slabs, to nuclear power plant Taishan 1.  In both cases the supplied equipment has already been integrated in the reactors. In May, the operator of nuclear power plant Olkiluoto 3, company TVO, announced that hot operation tests of the new EPR type reactor had been completed successfully. The Chinese regulatory body has issued a permit for loading fuel in unit Taishan 1 and the loading already started last month. The Chinese nuclear power plant could therefore be put into commercial operation yet at the end of this year.

“Last year ŠKODA JS executed 68 % of its revenues in export by which it confirms its position of a major player in the field of supplies for nuclear power industry“ stated Vladimír Poklop, the Chairman of the Board and General Director of ŠKODA JS. “There is long term cooperation established with our French partners and we are proud to have defended our position within their supplier chain again. Our key competitive advantage lies in high quality, experience, innovativeness and qualification of our personnel. We are ready to engage our capacities, knowledge and skills  gained in nuclear power plant construction projects both in the Czech Republic and abroad.“

Basic parameters of the equipment to be supplied are as follows:

Core Basket weights approximately 80t, and it is a welded and machine structure made of stainless steel designed for placing the reactor core and for directing and smoothing the distribution of coolant into the reactor core.  

Heavy Reflectorweights approximately 100t, it is stainless steel equipment consisting in machined slabs with cooling orifices. Heavy Reflector serves as a neutron reflector.

Upper Internals weight 80t, and consist in a welded structure with guide tubes guiding the intermediate drive rods controlling the reactor output.

In the recent years, company ŠKODA JS has also supplied for the EPR 1600 MW technology a Reactor Pressure Vessel Support Ring, Reactor Internals Handling Machine for safe handling reactor internals during in-service operation of the pressure vessel cavity and Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Machine.