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  • 10. 7. 2018 | Press release

    ŠKODA JS to supply to the French key equipment for a British power plant

    Company ŠKODA JS a.s. has concluded a contract with French company FRAMATOME for the production and supply of two sets of EPR 1600 MW reactor pressure vessel internals for the construction of nuclear power plant Hinkley Point C in Somerset County, Great Britain. The supply shall include in particular: Core Barrel, Heavy Reflector and Upper Internals that is analogous to the upper block of a VVER 1000 reactor.

  • 3. 4. 2018 | Press release

    Change in the management of company ŠKODA JS

    At April 1, 2018, Vladimír Poklop, the up to now Member of the Board and Engineering Division Director, was appointed the General Director and Chairman of the Board of company ŠKODA JS a.s.

  • 20. 12. 2017 | Press release

    ŠKODA JS is the most dynamic exporter of the year

    ŠKODA JS a.s. has won the "Exporter of the Year 2017" award. In the category Export Growth 2015-2016 (large exporters above CZK 500 million) it ranked first.

  • 22. 11. 2017 | Wrote about us

    Czech companies presented their supply options for Rosatom´s facilities during the "Atomex – Europe 2017" forum

    On 20th – 21st November 2017, a European Forum of Nuclear Industry Suppliers "Atomex – Europe 2017" took place in Budapest.

  • 31. 10. 2017 | Wrote about us

    J. Perlík: The entire nuclear power engineering is, by its nature, a highly innovative field

    After the October elections, the Czech Republic shall have a new Chamber of Deputies and a new goverment. One of their duties will be making a progress in the construction of new reactors and increasing the share of nuclear power in the national energy mix.

  • 1. 10. 2017 | Wrote about us

    ČEB finances Armenian nuclear power plant modernization

    Czech Export Bank (ČEB) enters Armenian market. It will provide bank guarantees amounting to 21 million CZK to Czech producer Škoda JS for export of technologies for modernization of Armenian nuclear power plant Metsamor.

  • 28. 6. 2017 | Press release

    Czech Export Bank going to finance safety of the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe

    Czech technological equipment will contribute to the enhancement of safety standards of the Zaporozhe nuclear power plant in the South-East of Ukraine. Czech Export Bank (ČEB) is going to support the Ukrainian party in its procurement from a domestic producer – company Škody JS a.s. The supply of a Czech origin is going to be used by the Ukrainian owner of the Zaporozhe nuclear power plant, NAEK Energoatom and ČEB is going to provide this company a loan amounting to 30 million Czech crowns for the purpose of purchasing goods from Plzeň. ČEB is thereby going to finance the supply of equipment for blinding the ionization chamber channels of the greatest nuclear power plant in Europe.

  • 17. 5. 2017 | Press release

    Results of the year 2016 - basis for the next successful years

    ŠKODA JS is ready to significantly contribute again to the development of the Czech nuclear power industry.

  • 7. 3. 2017 | Press release

    Spent fuel cask transfer facility in Flamanville nuclear power plant

    Company Electricité de France (EDF) awarded company ŠKODA JS a contract for the design, quality assurance, production and assembly of the Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Facility for the future 1600 MW EPR power plant in Flamanville. The major part of the above mentioned equipment has just been transported from the reactor shop of ŠKODA JS to France and its assembly has been initiated. The facility provides the entire process of handling a spent fuel cask involving its transport to the place of loading, actual loading with spent fuel and subsequent removal of the spent fuel cask and its transport to the interim storage facility.

  • 8. 2. 2017 | Press release

    ŠKODA JS won a prestigious award for innovation

    ŠKODA JS a.s. has won an award for innovation in the international competition Quality Innovation Award 2016 organized by the Finnish Quality Association. In the category Business Innovations of large companies it succeeded with equipment for removal, transport and disposal of neutron flux sensors and thermocouples from VVER 1000 type reactors. The equipment serves for removing and disposing intra-reactor measurement sensors from the reactor protective tubes block after the sensors have reached their operating lifespan.

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