News ČEZ has completed the first third of the outage of the fourth unit in Dukovany
News ČEZ has selected a supplier of nuclear fuel assemblies containers for Temelín
News Mochovce 3 in the next stage of commissioning
News Rolls-Royce SMR signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ŠKODA JS
News ČEZ becomes the new owner of ŠKODA JS
News Nuclear euphoria in Paris
News ŠKODA JS offers equipment and know-how for nuclear power plants under construction and also for the planned ones
News ŠKODA JS strengthens production of spent fuel casks for nuclear power plants
News ŠKODA JS expects to be involved significantly in the Dukovany 5 Construction Project
News We won a tender at the Paks NPP
News Huge moisture separator reheaters were installed in Temelín NPP
News Today, when the director of a power plant has a problem, for example with the reactor, he does not call the Russian designer, but calls us to Plzeň
News Implementation of the emergency depressurization system – an important safety element of the Rovno NPP
News Czechs reach for a major project. They hope to be awarded to complete two nuclear reactors in Ukraine.
News Dukovany NPP is the last chance for restarting the nuclear industry in the Czech Republic, says ŠKODA JS’s GM František Krček
News We delivered a new tightening unit to Finland
News In some aspects, the state should be self-sufficient
News Versatile solution
News Jaslovské Bohunice V1 NPP – decommissioning project
News The Czech share in new nuclear sources is important
News Another successful year for ŠKODA JS
News ŠKODA JS fulfills its obligations not only to the Czech energy sector
News Extreme size transporter arrived in Ukraine