Our work must be perfect; we bear responsibility for the entire industry

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The current situation in the power industry, including its nuclear branch, is unpredictable and turbulent. In recent years, economic reasons were primarily behind the disappearance of a number of traditional companies operating in this field. The European power industry is treading water. No decision has been made in the Czech Republic about any projects for the construction of new nuclear sources and this can be seen in the market results of (not only) Czech companies. In the context of all this, ŠKODA JS is not only surviving, but it is profitable, it is developing and investing in new technologies and acquiring valuable new know-how. We owe this mainly to our people.

Thanks to their hard work, determination, experience and skills, we can provide our customers with added value, ensure reliable deliveries and establish long-term partnerships. We are valued for our predictability - in the good sense of the word. With us, customers are not faced with unpleasant surprises; they know what to expect from us. They view ŠKODA JS as a stable and reliable partner. At the same time, we have built up our position as a technical authority in our industry.

In today’s world, this is certainly not negligible. We have lots to be proud of.

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What is our success based upon? In my view, it lies in the extensive and in-depth expertise, correctness and exceptional loyalty and approach of our colleagues, who do not mind putting in extra time when work needs to be done or a solution to a problem found. I can honestly say that the vast majority of colleagues in the NPP Services Division are like that.

Our three pillars – engineering, production and service – support one another. A big competitive advantage for the area of Service is the knowledge and support of our colleagues from other divisions, for example, the Design and Calculations departments, thanks to whom we can offer our customers comprehensive solutions to problems. Our goal is to enter into tenders for contracts where we can offer our added value. Our field of expertise are special repairs and works on nuclear power plant primary circuits. What is unique is that we are capable of ensuring maintenance and repairs of equipment from other producers.

A significant factor is our strong brand, our tradition from the past, which we are building upon. For a long time, ŠKODA JS has been in the position of a nuclear power engineering leader in Europe.

Servisní práce na 2. bloku JE Temelín

Our business is atypical. 90% of the time we respond to our customers’ needs. We are able to develop, successfully deliver and maintain equipment which in some cases results in an unprecedented amount of time saved during planned outages, which translates into tens of millions of CZK in savings for nuclear power plant operators as a result of a single contract. Our innovations significantly streamline regular maintenance procedures and processes at nuclear power plants. Another strong suit of ours are special repairs, for example, in the area of welding, where we can deliver quality solutions in extremely short periods of time. We also successfully offer innovated equipment and special repairs to other customers.

Our work must be perfect; we bear responsibility for the entire industry.

The work our people do is far from easy. ŠKODA JS does not engage in serial production. Almost all our products and most of our solutions are one of a kind and they are often created with time restraints. They are the result of technical creativity, flexibility and preparedness – we always have contingencies.

We need to decide quickly, with respect to the particular problem and equipment, and we need experience and extensive knowledge. However, my colleagues always need to remember that the top priority of their efforts is the safety and reliability of the equipment we are working on. Our responsibility can be likened to handling a barrel of gunpowder. Any mistake we make could have a fatal impact on the entire industry and be the beginning of the end of nuclear power in Europe.

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Since Fukushima, Europe has had a reserved attitude to nuclear power. The Czech Republic is one of the countries whose population believes in nuclear power and view it positively – as a zero-emission, environmentally-friendly source that in effect does not create waste, as spent fuel is stored for secondary use. It is up to us to keep it that way. We are the general partner of Czech and Slovak nuclear power plant operators and a partner for the biggest players in the power industry worldwide.

The mission of ŠKODA JS states: “We want to be the driving force of nuclear engineering, because we are confident about the future of nuclear power.” To this I add: “We want to convince others about the future of nuclear power, because we know that we do our job well.”

A significant factor is our strong brand, our tradition from the past, which we are building upon. For a long time, ŠKODA JS has been in the position of a nuclear power engineering leader in Europe.

František Krček, NPP Services Division Director