We are a strategic, experienced and reliable partner in the field of component and equipment production for VVER nuclear technology (PWR pressurized water reactors) as well as the western-type BWR reactors (boiling water reactors).


We have been operating in the VVER nuclear technology market for almost 40 years. During this time, we have produced 21 complete VVER 440/V-213 type reactors and three VVER 1000/V-320 type reactors, including the control rod drives. For more than a quarter of a century, we have also been active in the market of PWR and BWR-type nuclear power plants.

Our entry to this market required the acquisition of special certifications, such as ISO, ASME, DIN, CEFRI and others. We have gradually worked our way up to the role of a qualified supplier of nuclear equipment for the main contractors and operators of nuclear power plants in Western Europe, the U.S.A. and the Far East. We produce equipment either based on the customer's documentation or we can develop and manufacture new equipment based on the initial design.

ŠKODA JS responded to the changes in demand for complete VVER type reactors in the 1990s by developing a new production program focused on nuclear fuel handling. This is currently one of the key segments of our production division.

In the early 1990s, ŠKODA JS further focused on the modernization and lifetime extension of existing components as well as on the supply of spare parts. We developed and produce storage racks of our own design. A product category offering good prospects is storage casks for various fuel types and nuclear waste, developed in-house, licensed and supplied by us.

Our key product is modernized control rod drives, which we produce and supply for various types of nuclear power plant reactors as well as research nuclear reactors, including the I&C system. Thanks to our innovations, we have gradually managed to extend their design lifetime and met all the technical as well as legislative requirements for extended reliable operation of control rod drives in both standard and emergency modes.

Equipment for VVER and RBMK nuclear power plants

  • Control rod drive mechanisms PRO-type (VVER 440)
  • Linear stepping drives LKP-type (VVER 1000)
  • Intermediate rods of control rod drive mechanisms PRO-type
  • Service equipment - Reactor main flange joint stud tensioners, Equipment for the removal, transport and disposal of neutron flux sensors and thermocouples from VVER reactors
  • Hermetic cable penetrations
  • Components for reactor power measurement – In-core neutron flux measurement channels and thermocouples
  • Fresh fuel top and bottom nozzles
  • Nickel and graphite gaskets

PWR and BWR reactor internals, including the manipulators

  • PWR and BWR reactor internals, including the manipulators
  • Spent fuel cask transfer facility
  • Reactor main flange joint stud tensioners

Equipment for research reactors

  • Research reactor internals
  • Control rod drive mechanisms for research reactors

Equipment for spent nuclear fuel storage

  • Compact spent fuel storage racks type VVER 1000, VVER 440 and for western fuel type
  • Spent fuel transport and storage casks type ŠKODA 1000/19, ŠKODA 440/84, TUK, VTUK