Our future prosperity requires new approaches to corporate strategy; it’s still based on our people

The future prosperity of ŠKODA JS requires that we not only focus on current events and projects, but also prepare ourselves well for what is yet to come.

Martin Müller, Engineering and I&C Division Director

Engineering is a discipline that deals with the application of scientific and mathematical principles to the design, development, construction and maintenance of technologies, systems, and equipment. From climate change and energy efficiency to healthcare, information technology and transport, engineers play a key role in solving many of the challenges facing the world today.

Engineering covers many specialisations, including mechanical, electrical, IT, construction, and other areas. Engineers often work in teams and collaborate with other professionals such as architects, designers, scientists, and technicians in order to solve complex problems. Engineering is constantly evolving and changing to meet new challenges and to take advantage of new technologies such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence: Developments in digital technologies and artificial intelligence are affecting all areas of engineering. Engineers use modern software tools for design and simulation and use artificial intelligence to optimise systems and solve challenging problems.

Engineering is very important for the energy industry as it involves design, development, and optimisation of technologies for the generation, distribution and use of energy. Engineers work to create new and innovative solutions that help increase efficiency and reduce costs in the energy industry. Engineering is also important in energy management. Engineers design and implement solutions for energy use in industry, commerce, and homes. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and energy costs, thereby helping to protect the environment and improve economic performance.

The current state of the energy industry can be characterised by several key factors:

  1. Rising energy demand - with emerging economies and a growing world population, the demand for energy is increasing. According to the International Energy Agency, it is estimated that global energy demand could grow by 25% by 2040.
  2. Increased awareness of climate change - as awareness of climate change increases, pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions increases. This pressure is influencing decision-making in energy companies, governments, and international organisations.

Overall, the energy industry is in a period of rapid change and transition. Developing economies and increasing energy demand are putting pressure on the search for new and innovative energy sources.  

Engineering, together with the production and service of nuclear power plants, is a pillar and an integral part of ŠKODA JS. Together, they form a triangular model on which the company's competence and competitiveness are based, supporting new solutions in these fields, suggesting new ways of solving challenges and helping to implement the latest scientific and technical knowledge.

The situation in the energy industry is very dynamic and sometimes difficult to predict, as the years 2022 and 2023 have shown. The priority task of ŠKODA JS a.s., including the Engineering and SKŘ division, is to help ensure that electricity is generated from safe and reliable sources that are compatible with the environment. These key criteria, including the requirement for low operating costs, are met by nuclear sources.

The future prosperity of ŠKODA JS requires us not only to focus on the current situation and projects, but to prepare well for what is yet to come.

The Engineering and SKŘ Department have long-term experience in the complex implementation of large investment contracts (such as the renewal of the control and management system at Dukovany NPP, the construction of Mochovce 34 NPP), as well as smaller projects implemented not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in other countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. The long-term goal of ŠKODA JS, as well as the Engineering and SKŘ department, is to become a pillar of the Czech nuclear power industry, to provide top-quality engineering and design services and analytical support for existing facilities, both domestically and internationally, as well as to participate in the construction of new nuclear power units.

The crucial engineering contract for ŠKODA JS a.s. continues to be the EMO34 Completion Project. The experience gained by the project team on the EMO34 project is of strategic importance for future complex projects such as the construction of new nuclear units in the Czech Republic. Among the smaller projects, we should mention, the delivery of the Modernized Polar Bridge Cranes for two units of the South Ukrainian Power Plant, the project of Emergency Containment Pressure Reduction (Venting) on total of 11 units of the Ukrainian power plants, the project of Replacement of Sub-Circuit Distribution boards at the Dukovany Power Plant, the project of Additional Measures for Management of Severe Accidents at the Temelín Power Plant or the Digitization of Projects in 3D (SW - E3D) for the ČEZ customer.

The Engineering and SKŘ Division also contributes significantly to the successful implementation of projects within the NPP Service Division (e.g., the modification of the permanent steam generator blow downs) and the Nuclear Equipment Division (e.g. the reconstruction of the pressure measurement node in the upper reactor unit flange interspaces - thermocouples, neutron flux measurement channels and control rod drives).

In addition to the traditional supply of systems for VVER power plants, we are taking other paths to succeed in the future. We are looking for opportunities in a variety of areas: small modular and research reactors, modernization of nuclear fuel handling machines, complex piping system supplies including design and calculation, supply of systems to enhance plant safety, analysis and experimental measurement of new nuclear fuel, end-of-fuel cycle services and supplies, and more.

The future prosperity of ŠKODA JS requires that we not only focus on current events and projects, but also prepare ourselves well for what is yet to come. We have taken the main steps. It is now up to our perseverance and diligence to convince current and future customers that partnering with us will bring them success. The Engineering and SKŘ division are made up of a team of highly motivated employees. All our successes depend on our people.