"Paks 2" project with our participation

Hungarian company MVM ERBE (analogous to the ČEZ, a. s. in the Czech Republic) was looking for a strong partner with nuclear competencies and succeeded. On June 3, we signed a framework contract for the engineering support of MVM ERBE in the documentation assessment and the licensing of NPP Paks 2. For our company, the future cooperation was confirmed by Miloš Mostecký, Commercial Director, for MBM ERBE by Norbert Korom, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

MVM ERBE is an engineering company of the MVM Group and at the same time a major company in the field of nuclear energy in Hungary. "Due to the long time that has elapsed since the completion of Paks 1 NPP (4 x 400 MW), the company decided that it is necessary to rely on engineering companies, preferably from the V4 countries, which have recent experience with construction and engineering activities in the field of preparation and implementation of new nuclear power units," says Vladimír Novák, the head of the ŠKODA JS a.s. representation in Budapest.

ŠKODA JS a.s. is a major engineering company with living experience not only from the ongoing construction of the Mochovce NPP (MO34), but also from the management and coordination of the bid for the construction of a new nuclear power unit in the Czech Republic several years ago. Therefore, it is logical that in the negotiations on the support of ERBE, our company was one of the important partners for concluding such an agreement.

ŠKODA JS a.s. will ensure professional engineering activities and project assessment, especially for the primary circuit and fuel handling part of the VVER-1200 project. This assessment and commenting is performed by MVM ERBE for the power plant investor, the Hungarian project company NPP Paks 2.

Our goal is active participation in the ongoing preparatory phase of the project and especially the implementation of the new nuclear power plant itself. We want to take advantage of our experience, production capacity and skills of our colleagues in production and engineering.

The signing of this contract is an important milestone for our participation in the preparation and implementation of Paks 2. It is another proof that we are a major player in the field of nuclear energy, especially in Europe, and that our bet on the development of our activities in Hungary was right.

The entire preparation of the contract with ERBE proves the activity of ŠJS representation office in Hungary in close cooperation with the sales and technical departments of the company, especially in Plzeň. It is also necessary to highlight the support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Hungary, namely Ambassador Tibor Bial and the Business Council Petr Michálek, for whom the support of Czech companies in the preparation and implementation of Paks 2 NPP is one of the main priorities and, as already mentioned, ŠKODA JS a.s. is one of the largest and most important players in this field.

Pavel Růžička comments on the path to success: “This project is actually the beginning of the continuation of our engineering activities at NPP Paks, which is familiar to us. We will be able to make full use of our professional knowledge and experience from the implementation of similar projects. This is an important step for our company and an opportunity to use our unique know-how. We are a stable and reliable business partner for Paks NPP, because all four reactor pressure vessels currently operated in Paks were manufactured in our Reactor Shop. This year, ŠKODA JS a.s. won a public tender for in-service inspections of the reactor pressure vessel at units 2, 3 and 4 and also signed a contract for the supply of KNI neutron flux measuring equipment."