The HoloLens technology will soon assist in installations

At the Mochovce nuclear power plant, we conducted further testing of virtual reality in the nuclear industry. The HoloLens device enables digital projection of a 3D model into the real environment and our colleagues used it for visualization and verification of modifications of the reactor pressure vessel transport and installation platform. This platform of Unit 4 of the Mochovce NPP will be used to remove and transport the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) from Unit 1 and Unit 2 and to transport it to the site of disposal.


Our colleague Michal Mikulášek, a designer from the Design Preparation of Installations department, tested HoloLens in various environments. He projected the platform model in offices, in the production hall and finally in open space.

“Getting acquainted with HoloLens went very well. Controlling the device with gestures and voice was intuitive. The best functionality in the tests was achieved in an enclosed and evenly illuminated office space. Use in open space requires additional adjustments, but the advantage is the ability to move around the model from all sides,” said Michal Mikulášek about HoloLens.

The outcome of our testing was a series of recommendations for the device manufacturer. After their implementation, the device can be put into real operation.

The device can be used to test installation procedures, to verify the sufficiency of handling space or to visualize the workflow. Specifically, we will use it in the project Transport of Reactor Pressure Vessel and Reactor Internals to Bohunice–V1 for WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC SWEDEN AB.