We are pioneers in using virtual reality in the nuclear industry

Our company, in cooperation with the technological start-up Pocket Virtuality, is working on the development of a unique system called Fata Morgana. Mr. Antonín Rudolf, who is involved in the system development, explains how the system works and what it can be used for.

“It is a system for virtual teleportation. In principle, it allows us to scan real devices with HoloLens glasses, and to view the 1:1 scale scan elsewhere -  anywhere with Internet access. 

Consequently, the research team can easily insert technical drawings, models or instructions into the virtual environment. Thanks to the semi-permeable glasses, the worker sees these drawings and instructions exactly on the spot where they are planned. 

Another advantage for the team is that they can view the device from all directions and are not so dependent on photos or video as it was in the past.”

We have already successfully tested the Fata Morgana system twice at the Temelín NPP, and we believe that it actually represents the future not only in the nuclear power industry.