We target various segments of the energy market, Hungary is important for us

Our strong professional background and our wide range of often unique and specialized services – that is something that not everyone in the market can offer.

Jan Vybulka, Slovakia Division Director

The new Slovakia Division was established in January 2019.  It is based in Trnava, Slovakia’s hub for the nuclear power industry. The geographical location of Trnava, which is the same distance from the Mochovce and Jaslovské Bohunice NPPs, and within commuting distance of Hungary’s Paks NPP, makes Trnava a strategic place, from which we manage other activities in the surrounding markets, particularly in Hungary. Several major companies and institutions are based in Trnava, including the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic, with whom we participate in developing the nuclear power industry not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine. The Slovakia Division of ŠKODA JS is a guarantor of the successful completion of the construction of Units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant, which is currently our largest EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) project.

Ustavování tlakové nádoby reaktoru VVER 440 na 3. bloku JE Mochovce

As a result of the general decrease in the number of large investment projects in the power industry in favor of medium-sized and smaller projects, our Slovakia Division is also looking at future contracts as those of multiple, but smaller projects from various segments of the power market. It is how we respond to the constantly changing situation in the domestic project of the construction of a new nuclear source - new units at the Temelín NPP. We are prepared for this construction, but we will not put all our eggs in one basket.

We are primarily focused on the nuclear power sector and we will continue to cooperate with partners from other segments, such as hydroelectric power plants. We continually search for other avenues where we can apply our high added value and comprehensive portfolio of services, our know-how, the experience and wide range of specialized qualifications and specializations of our staff. As I have already mentioned, we are prepared to take on other prospective projects of nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic and Europe. For example, the Paks NPP in Hungary is very close to what we have realized so far in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, both geographically as well as in terms of the Russian technology used. The Hungarian market is important for us - we value our collaboration with Hungarian companies and we see a significant market potential for our products and services.

3. blok JE Mochovce před dokončením

ŠKODA JS is viewed, both by the public as well as the professional community, as a reliable partner and technical authority that keeps its word and whose recommendations and solutions are received with respect and trust founded on dozens of years of experience.

We are the general supplier of primary circuit equipment maintenance at the Temelín and Dukovany nuclear power plants, which in combination with our experience from the completion of Mochovce NPP gives us extensive expertise which we continually improve upon. We are capable of managing major supply chains, unique and highly specialized projects - in other words, we are no “garage start-up”

Our strong professional background and our wide range of often unique and specialized services – that is something that not everyone in the market can offer.

Příprava projektu

We are a large and strong company, which in and of itself presents a number of benefits for us. One of the advantages is the ability to share, almost in real time, actual and current experience and knowledge from other projects conducted at (nuclear) power plants throughout Europe. Sharing knowledge, experience and best practices (lessons learned) is of huge benefit not only to our junior specialists, but also the senior staff with years of practical experience. We take advantage of this benefit across the entire company - between our divisions and across the locations where we operate (Temelín, Dukovany, Mochovce, Prague and Pilsen). We share human and material (production) resources with the intention of using the potential we have at our disposal to the max. Examples of this can be found in each of our projects, whose teams are made up of colleagues from various divisions, locations, departments and areas of expertise.

In conclusion, I would like to point out the fact that none of the above would be possible without our staff and their responsible and professional approach. I want to thank them and wish them a lot of success both in their career as well as their personal life. As the Czech writer Julius Zeyer once said, “The future will be whatever we make it.”