Jaslovské Bohunice V1 NPP – decommissioning project

17. 8. 2020

Removal of steam generators at the Bohunice V1 NPP

The first significant contract of ŠKODA JS in decommissioning of nuclear units was the removal of twelve steam generators (SG) from the SG box at the Bohunice V1 nuclear power plant, which took place from November 2018 to July 2019.

In the preparatory phase, ŠKODA JS designed a technical solution and prepared complete project documentation, calculations, design of tools and documentation of the dismantling procedure of individual steam generators. All this was agreed with the client and subsequently with the final customer of the entire project - the company JAVYS.

In the next phase of the project, ŠKODA JS engineers focused on the documentation processing and on the production or procurement of the tools necessary for the actual implementation. In particular, it was a transport track, including wagons for the transport of a steam generator weighing approximately 145 tons and with length of almost 12 meters.

In November 2018, the actual dismantling of steam generators at the Unit 1 of the Bohunice V1 NPP began. All pipes and tubes connected to the SG body were disconnected, SG body plugs were sealed, GERB dampers and SG stand were dismantled, and the steam generator was lowered to the floor of the SG box.

Subsequently, the steam generators were transported by crane to the reactor hall, then through the reactor hall to a corridor, where they were laid on the floor. In the corridor, SGs were loaded on a special self-propelled low-load trailer and transported to the engine room. 

In July 2019, the whole event was successfully completed by removing the last two steam generators. This project confirmed the functionality of the selected technology and the high proficiency of ŠKODA JS engineers.

Transport of pressure vessels and reactor internals at the Bohunice V1 NPP

ŠKODA JS is currently successfully implementing a project for the dismantling of reactor pressure vessels (RPV) and reactor internals. This event includes a draft solution for the transport of the internals, and for the dismantling, lifting and transport of RPV to the fragmentation workplace. ŠKODA JS also ensures the design and production of assembly fixtures, such as a traverse (beam) with a load capacity of 250 tons for the actual transport of highly radiation-contaminated components at Units 1 and 2 of the decommissioned Slovak power plant Bohunice V1.

Thanks to its expertise, ŠKODA JS was selected by WESTINGHOUSE and approved by the final customer JAVYS, as it is one of the few companies in Europe with experts and know-how that allows it to successfully solve such unique technical challenges.

In February of this year, ŠKODA JS successfully completed the stages of technical preparation and creation of programs, including the design and production of the traverse. Subsequently, at the turn of May and June, ŠKODA JS managed combined transports of the reactor internals from Unit 1 and subsequently from Unit 2 – core basket, supporting shell and protective tube unit. The transports took place in a shielding cylinder and by means of a special platform the components were stored in a newly built Wet Cutting Workshop (WCW-2) in the reactor hall of Unit 2. This was followed by a completely unique transport of RPV from the reactor shaft of Unit 1 to the WCW-1. After this transport, two more transports took place, which enabled to carry out preparatory activities aimed at lifting the RPV at Unit 2. At the beginning of next year, ŠKODA JS will continue with the transport of RPV from Unit 2 to WCW-1 and after the release of the WCW-2 the remaining parts of the internals can be removed.

The contract “Transport of RPV and reactor internals at the Bohunice NPP” is an important opportunity for ŠKODA JS to demonstrate its competencies and references for the future in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.