ŠKODA JS completes modernization of the Paks NPP in Hungary

1. 10. 2019

Pilsen-based ŠKODA JS, which had previously supplied 4 complete reactors to the Paks NPP and has been a long-term supplier for their modernization and maintenance, has completed the modernization of Hungary’s key power source for approximately CZK 1 billion. This was reported to the Czech News Agency by Petr Kryl, Director of the Engineering and I&C Division. The company is also participating in the modernization of reactor power control at the Metsamor NPP in Armenia.

The replacement of all instrumentation and control systems of the units and drives was performed in collaboration with ZAT from the Czech Republic in all four units of the plant. “This turn-key project is based on Czech technology,” says Kryl. A similar, only larger contract was realized by Škoda JS in recent years at the Dukovany NPP in the Czech Republic, where the replacement of safety, instrumentation and control systems cost over CZK 12 billion. What remains to be done at Paks are the final touches to the operator training simulator and synchronization of the units.

In the past 10 years, the nuclear power engineering company from Pilsen has received over CZK 20 billion from engineering, i.e., modernization of nuclear power plants. Czech power plants accounted for nearly CZK 8 billion, the rest were international export projects. The company has been developing modern instrumentation and control systems, the central nervous system of each plant, since 2000. Apart from the power plants in the Czech Republic and Paks, the I&C systems have been modernized in Jaslovské Bohunice and Mochovce in Slovakia, at several NPPs in Ukraine; another pending project is the Metsamor NPP in Armenia, where Škoda JS is participating in the modernization of the reactor power control system. “All equipment has been delivered to the plant; we assume installation and commissioning will take place before the end of the year,” says Kryl. It is also a contract worth hundreds of millions of crowns.

The largest current engineering project is the completion of the Mochovce NPP. The company supplied equipment there earlier, now it is extensively participating in the management of works in the nuclear part of both units which are near completion. Škoda JS also participates in the modernization of other nuclear power sources. Those projects include, for example, a system for safe depressurization of the hermetically sealed area around the reactor in Ukrainian NPP units in collaboration with Framatome from France, modernization of the fuel handling machines in Ukrainian NPP units and at the Flamanville NPP in France.

As investment in nuclear power in the Czech Republic is low, the company is searching for new territories. Kryl commented: “One of the big opportunities is in Rosatom’s new NPP units which they are building in three locations not far from us: Finland, Paks and Akuyu in Turkey.” The company is preparing for expected tenders for the delivery of sub-units. It is a tender for the supply of the main I&C system for the Hanhikivi NPP in Finland. Škoda JS was the general contractor in a consortium with Rolls-Royce. “Within the consortium, Rolls-Royce focuses on safety systems; we are in charge of the control, special and diagnostics systems,” says Kryl. A decision on the winner is expected in a matter of days.

Date: 13. 6. 2019, Source: energyhub.eu