ŠKODA JS expects to be involved significantly in the Dukovany 5 Construction Project

25. 5. 2021

Plzeň, 24 May 2021 (ČTK) - ŠKODA JS in Plzeň expects to be involved significantly in the Dukovany 5 Construction Project.  It is ready to cooperate with any winner of the tender in cooperation with ten Czech companies associated in the Czech Energy Alliance, said František Krček, the General Director, to the Czech Press Office (ČTK).

"We do not prefer any supplier in the long run. We have talked to everyone about the forms of cooperation," said Krček. ŠKODA JS negotiates with all bidders both within the alliance and independently. "We try to offer everyone a package as Czech industry, because we do have the competence for the primary and secondary circuit. As an alliance, we can offer a nuclear island, engine room equipment including turbine and generator, pumps and fittings, electrical part, instrumentation and control system," he said.

Both the Alliance and ŠKODA JS communicate with the Ministry of Industry. "Thanks to the fact that we built and commissioned both Czech nuclear power plants (with Soviet-designed VVER reactors made in Plzeň) and most of the equipment can be labeled 'made in Czechoslovakia' or 'in the Czech Republic', the knowledge remained at home and all supplier companies tried to participate in the service and maintenance of the power plants. We are constantly making huge changes to the equipment, even to those that were not produced in the Czech Republic. Neither we nor the operator have to travel by plane to ensure reconstructions, replacement of parts or to consult the authors of the original project" said the director.

According to Mr. Krček, for the selection of the tender winner, its attitude towards the transfer of know-how will be very important. "The business does not end with the construction of a power plant, the companies must be able to secure its operation for at least another 60 years," he said. "We must be able to include the obligation to transfer know-how for service and reconstruction of equipment in the contracts for the construction of the new nuclear power source. If we do not agree on this with the supplier, it will be a big mistake for both the investor and the Czech industry," he added.

ŠKODA JS is the general contractor for the maintenance of the primary circuit of all six Czech nuclear units. Last year, it started production of two sets of reactor internals for the 1600 MW EPR units for the British Hinkley Point C power plant, constructed by the French EdF. The contract worth hundreds of millions of crowns will last until 2022. The French will supply the pressure vessel, ŠKODA JS in Plzeň will supply the reactor  internal installations, i.e. dozens of tons of parts. Last year, ŠKODA JS delivered tightening unit of its own design to the Finnish Loviisa power plant. According to Krček, the Slovak Nuclear Regulatory Authority has recently approved the loading of fuel into the third unit of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, in the construction of which ŠKODA JS participated. 

Source: ČTK
Author: Václav Prokš