ŠKODA JS strengthens production of spent fuel casks for nuclear power plants

16. 6. 2021

In Plzeň, 31 May 2021 (ČTK)

ŠKODA JS of Plzeň increases production of spent fuel casks for Czech and foreign nuclear power plants. This long-term program already accounts for 12 per cent of annual sales, which last year amounted to CZK 3.3 billion. In addition to the Castor casks under German license, which the company is ceasing to produce after a quarter of a century, it has had its own product for three years - the ŠKODA 1000/19 cask. The company has already started delivering them to the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant. 58 pieces are to be delivered there by 2035.

Last year, the company produced four of these casks of its own design for Temelín and three Castor casks for Dukovany. “We are now preparing the first cask of our own design, the ŠKODA 440/84, for Dukovany,” said the director. The Castor casks at Dukovany will be replaced with new ones from Škoda. The company is to deliver 35 pieces there by 2031 and has an option for another 55 assemblies if the lifetime of the plant is extended till 2048. 

The company tries to offer the casks to other power plants, but each has a different storage system - some have wet intermediate storage, not dry as in the Czech Republic. “We offer them in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and there is also a chance in Slovak Mochovce. However, in each country you have to get a new license, which is not transferable even in the EU,” said Mr. Krček. In his opinion, the cask program is broader than just a temporary 60-year storage of spent fuel from nuclear power plants. “We also make vessels for highly active waste and other types”, he added. Since 2018 The company has delivered 10 casks of its own design for radioactive materials and will produce the same number this year. 

ŠKODA JS a.s., formerly ŠKODA Jaderné strojírenství, posted a pre-tax profit of more than CZK 122 million and revenues from sales of more than CZK 3.3 billion last year. It employs 1,070 people. The company, which is a member of the Russian engineering group OMZ, has had to focus more on exports due to a lack of domestic opportunities. It exported equipment and services worth CZK 1.5 billion, which accounted for 46 per cent of sales. Last year, it signed contracts for the coming years worth more than CZK 3.5 billion, which is increase by CZK 300 million compared to the previous year. This year, the company expects at least the same sales and profit.

Václav Prokš, ČTK