VVER 2019 Conference

15. 11. 2019

The traditional VVER2019 Conference was held in Prague on 11-12 November. It focused on Czech nuclear policy, development of peaceful nuclear trends around the world, sharing knowledge and experience, building new capacities in Europe and around the world, education and preparation, dismantling nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel issues.

At the beginning, the Commercial Director of ŠKODA JS Miloš Mostecký presented an opening speech. He reminded that more than sixty years ago, a whole new nuclear industry had suddenly emerged in our country, which has developed and strengthened since then. Czech nuclear engineering still retains its capabilities and potential; ŠKODA JS, firmly standing on the three pillars of engineering, production and service, is its significant part.

ŠKODA JS´ experience in decommissioning of the Jaslovské Bohunice V1 nuclear power plant (EBO V1) was presented by Michal Mikulášek. We managed a technically, organizationally and logistically very demanding operation of transporting steam generators (SG) from SG boxes through the reactor hall to the EBO V1 engine room building. The basic phases of the project were the dismantling and transport of the technology connected to the steam generators, plugging the sleeves on the SG body, removing the SG from the ceiling hinges and placing it on the floor of the SG box, lifting it up through a hole in the box ceiling and forwarding it through the reactor hall to the transport corridor. Here the SG was put to an automotive trailer and taken out of the reactor building to the engine room building. In cooperation with our partners, we have overcome all obstacles and successfully exported and put all 12 steam generators to the required location where they will be liquidated.

Miloslav Ruchař briefly informed about the latest LKP-M/4 type of linear step drive (CRDM). This drive mechanism has been developed together with the relevant electronics to ensure its versatility - full compatibility with the new VVER 1200 power plant projects as well as the existing VVER 1000 power plants. Compared with previous types of drives, the new technical solution makes it much simpler for the operating staff and lighter in terms of seismic properties. Even in the event of failure of any of the coils, the LKP-M/4 drive can be operated up to the proper reactor shutdown, without complete loss of information on the position of the control rod. The project has been implemented in cooperation of ŠKODA JS a.s., ZAT a.s. and COMTES FHT a.s. within the program called Applications of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.