Another successful year in a row

4. 5. 2021

Today, ŠKODA JS published its economic results for 2020. The General Director of the company, František Krček, said:

"We have been in the black for twenty-one years, again we ended up with a positive economic result. This proves the stability of the company and the fact that it can always find new opportunities in the promising field of nuclear energy. Last year was difficult, the COVID-19 epidemic and the associated measures complicated the fulfillment of tasks, especially in foreign markets. But my colleagues were able to deal with it. Beginning with hygienic restrictions, which affected especially workers in production facilities and colleagues working at nuclear power plants, through the introduction of an effective home office system and ending with the strengthened digitization.

František Krček

According to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), ŠKODA JS a.s. achieved revenues from the sale of products and services of more than 3.3 billion crowns and a pre-tax profit of over 122 million crowns. It is important for the future of the company that we have signed new contracts for the coming years for more than 3.5 billion crowns. Together with other Czech companies, we are ready to cooperate with the winner of the tender for the construction of the fifth unit at the Dukovany NPP, regardless of who it will be. We have experience from international projects and we want to use it at home.

We again compensated for less opportunities on the domestic market, where we are waiting for the possibility of significant involvement in the project of building a new nuclear power plant, by active work on foreign projects. Exports of equipment and services exceeded the value of 1.5 billion crowns and accounted for almost 46% of total performance of the company. We delivered to twelve countries, again the largest share had Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary, this time supplemented with Great Britain.

The year 2020 forced us to work in difficult external conditions, which affected our suppliers, customers and the internal life in the company. However, we have turned the problems and difficulties into challenges that we have overcome and we have strengthened our position in relation to our partners as well as our authority in the European nuclear community and in the world." 

The advantage of ŠKODA JS is still the fact that it is firmly standing on its three basic segments, i.e. engineering, production and service, which makes it possible to offer the customer comprehensive services in all phases of the nuclear power plant's operating cycle. At the same time, all these segments profit from the synergic effects of team work on projects within the company.

The engineering segment accounted for almost 38% of the company's sales. These were mainly the following projects: increasing safety at four Ukrainian power plants, modernization of the instrumentation and control system at the Hungarian Paks power plant and replacement of secondary switchboards at the Dukovany NPP. The exchange of steam separators at the second unit of the Temelín NPP became a new and fundamental reference.

This segment also includes activities in Slovakia. The key project was again the Completion of Units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce NPP, where ŠKODA JS constantly performs all tasks according to the schedule. In Slovakia, we also implemented other projects in 2020, such as seismic reinforcement of selected large components at the operating units (1,2) of the Mochovce NPP. We also managed the first part of the transport of two highly contaminated reactor pressure vessels, including their internals, at the decommissioned Slovak power plant Bohunice V1. This reference strengthens our position in entering the new nuclear decommissioning sector.

The provision of services for nuclear power plants accounted for almost 29% of the company´s economic results. ŠKODA JS is the general supplier of maintenance services for the primary circuit equipment of all six units of both Czech nuclear power plants. Coordination of work and cross-border movement of workers between the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic were complicated due to the anti-epidemic measures, but all tasks were completed on time. In addition to the standard scope of work, we performed other technically demanding operations within the planned outages, such as inspection of the reactor pressure vessel (from both outside and inside) by manipulators manufactured at ŠKODA JS, repairs of feed water distribution inside steam generators and more.

Production segment accounted for almost 34% of the company's results. The order for the production of a total of 160 PRO-M reactor control rod drives for the Dukovany NPP was successfully completed and the production of 76 PRO-M drives for the Ukrainian Rovno power plant was started. The second set of removable upper reserve racks for spent fuel storage was also delivered to the Rovno NPP and successfully tested. We supplied four ŠKODA 1000/19 spent fuel transport and storage casks to the Temelín NPP, and three Castor® 440/84M casks to the Dukovany NPP. Work continued on preparations for the production of the ŠKODA 440/84 casks for the Dukovany NPP. In 2020, we started to implement the production of the reactor internals for two EPR units in Great Britain (the Hinkley Point C project).

ŠKODA JS is constantly renewing its facilities and equipment, and in 2020 it spent 94 million Czech crowns on the acquisition, modernization and repair of fixed assets. At the end of 2020, the company had 1,066 employees.

Jan Stolár, ŠKODA JS a.s. spokesperson  +420 605 221 093


ŠKODA JS a.s. is one of the leading European engineering and production companies with experience in construction and service of nuclear power plants. Škoda was founded in 1859, the history of today's ŠKODA JS began in 1956. Throughout its existence, ŠKODA JS a.s. has supplied engineering, equipment and services for nuclear power plants, research reactors and spent nuclear fuel storage facilities in Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, France, Germany, USA, Austria, Finland, Belgium, PRC and other countries. Up to the present day, ŠKODA JS has produced and supplied 21 complete VVER 440 nuclear reactors and three VVER 1000 reactors. Currently, the company's revenues are generated equally by the Engineering - I&C Divisions and the Production - Service. About half the company's turnover is exported.