Significant success of Czech companies. ŠKODA JS succeeds in Mochovce.

26. 9. 2023

As announced by Slovenské elektrárne, the newly built third unit of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant has started to supply 100% of its power to the grid. Czech companies, led by ČEZ Group's ŠKODA JS in Pilsen, also played a significant role in the construction and completion of this most modern unit in Central Europe.

From the originally planned four VVER-440 nuclear units, the first two were brought into operation at the Mochovce site in 1998-2000. For the remaining unfinished and mothballed units 3 and 4, the decisive part of the machinery supplies had already been delivered at that time. The reactor pressure vessels for both reactors were manufactured in Plzeň by ŠKODA JS. The actual construction of all four reactors for the Mochovce NPP was modified by ŠKODA JS compared to the previous reactors due to the higher degree of seismicity at the site.

According to the contract signed with the company Slovenské elektrárne in 2009, ŠKODA JS is one of the main technology suppliers of the most important part of the NPP, i.e. the primary circuit. As part of the Mochovce 3,4 NPP completion project, ŠKODA JS is fully in charge of the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract activities for part of the most important systems of the primary circuit. According to the contract, ŠKODA JS had over twenty subcontractors, mostly Czech and Slovak companies.

ŠKODA JS a.s. supplies the following operating sets (PS):

  • Primary circuit
  • Transport and technological part (fuel management)
  • Internal connecting piping
  • Control and management system (partly)
  • Integrated cooling systems
  • Maintenance workshops

Since 2009, ŠKODA JS core employees have worked a total of 2.4 million hours on the Mochovce NPP Completion Project, including 4 million hours from external contractors.

ŠKODA JS also played a significant role in the launching of Unit 3, which began in the autumn of 2022; on the night of 1 February this year, Unit 3 delivered its first electricity to the grid. The power increase and a series of further tests at higher power levels continued and now the unit is fully functional and has reached project parameters. Unit 4 is scheduled to start up within two years once Unit 3 has been launched.

Units 3 and 4 required €6.2 billion to be completed. The completion of Units 3 and 4 is a key project in ŠKODA JS's portfolio. It demonstrates its competence in the nuclear power industry and its ability to meet all the legislative, technical and safety requirements of current European regulations. "ŠKODA JS has a unique and efficient design, production and service team that is capable of making a significant contribution to the operation of the unique large and complex functional unit that is nuclear power plant construction," stated the company's CEO František Krček. ""Putting the third unit in Mochovce into operation at 100% capacity proves this fact. ŠKODA JS is one of the few companies today that can implement a project of this extent."

Jan Stolár
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ŠKODA JS a.s., part of the ČEZ Group, is one of Europe's leading engineering and manufacturing companies with experience in the construction and servicing of nuclear power plants. Škoda was founded in 1859, and the history of today's ŠKODA JS begins in 1956. Since then, it has been continuously active in the industry. During its existence, the company has supplied and delivered engineering, equipment and service for nuclear power plants, research reactors and spent nuclear fuel storage facilities in Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, France, Germany, USA, Austria, Finland, Belgium, UK, PRC, Armenia and other countries. ŠKODA JS a.s. has manufactured and delivered 21 complete VVER 440 nuclear reactors and three VVER 1000 reactors. Since the 1990s, it has also focused on Western markets and technologies. It cooperates with the world's leading companies in the field. At present, engineering and R&D, production and service contribute equally to the company's revenues, and exports account for almost half of the company's turnover. It employs nearly 1000 highly qualified professionals.