ŠKODA JS at the World Nuclear Exhibition

8. 12. 2021

Over 600 companies from more than 80 countries attended the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) in Paris. They represented all phases of nuclear projects from conception through design, construction, operation and decommissioning. The exhibition confirmed that the industry is on the rise in the world and in Europe. A key aspect of the exhibition was the openness to international cooperation, which was demonstrated by ŠKODA JS a.s. not only at its stand, but also during dozens of meetings with existing and potential partners from a number of countries.

Without nuclear energy, humankind cannot achieve the goals it has set in terms of environmental protection and reduction of emissions.  According to the World Nuclear Association, 441 nuclear units are now in operation in 30 countries, 56 are under construction in 18 countries, and 101 reactors are planned. In Europe, one third of electricity is generated in nuclear power plants. The industry therefore has very interesting prospects and offers a number of opportunities for a leading company in the field such as ŠKODA JS.

Negotiations on continued cooperation with the French company EDF have been very interesting. ŠKODA JS has already produced two sets of reactor internals for EDF, which have been delivered to projects in China and Finland. Two more sets are currently being manufactured in Plzeň for the British nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point. Together with its partner, ŠKODA JS sees good prospects for involvement in the French nuclear program, not only in Europe. The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Czech and French company during the exhibition supports this idea.

During the WNE, ŠKODA JS representatives signed further agreements with partners from various countries, including cooperation in the final phase of the life of a nuclear power plant, i.e. decommissioning. Decommissioning is another area in which ŠKODA JS can offer its experience, know-how and the qualifications of its staff.