ŠKODA JS in the finishing point of the key stage of the Mochovce 3,4 NPP

9. 9. 2022

The first steps towards the start-up of Unit 3 have begun at the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant in Slovakia which is operated by Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. In these days, ŠKODA JS a.s. has been carrying out work on reactor unsealing for preparing the reactor for the insertion of the first fuel assemblies, which took place tonight. The physical start-up of Unit 3 has thus begun. After its completion (in about sixty days) a two-month power start-up phase will follow, when the reactor power output is gradually increased. It will take approximately 18 weeks to reach 100% reactor power output. Work also continues on the completion of Unit 4.

In 2008, a consortium of ŠKODA JS, ENSECO, VÚJE and Inženierske stavby Košice carried out an assessment of the condition of the preserved equipment and structures. It also focused on compliance with legislative requirements and documentation for test verifications. Subsequently, in 2009, ŠKODA JS signed a contract with Slovenské elektrárne for the completion of the nuclear island of Units 3 and 4.

This is currently ŠKODA JS's largest complex EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) project. ŠKODA JS won the tender mainly because it has already proven itself as the final supplier of the primary circuit and the fuel handling part, as a manufacturer of reactor sets and other components in the former Czechoslovakia at Jaslovské Bohunice, Dukovany and Temelín NPPs, as well as in Hungary and Germany. It also supplied reactors for the first two units at the Mochovce NPP.

For the third and fourth units of the Mochovce NPP, ŠKODA JS manufactured both VVER 440 reactor sets and is the supplier not only of the plant's important operating systems - primary circuit technology, fuel handling, but also of the connecting pipelines, embedded cooling circuits, parts of the instrumentation and control system and maintenance workshops. Since 2015, ŠKODA JS has been providing the operator with an engineering and technical team that supports service activities in virtually all areas of the plant's engineering preparation and construction, engineering, implementation and start-up.

"We are proud to have been able to make a significant contribution to this success of Slovak and Czech nuclear power industry," said the General Director of ŠKODA JS a.s. František Krček. "The work on the completion of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant was and is very important to us. In particular, they enabled us to maintain continuity and innovate know-how at the level of the company and its employees. It is a huge project and a huge opportunity for us, which we were able to take advantage of. In the thirteen years of working on the project, hundreds of our employees have passed through it in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, demonstrating their knowledge and gaining new experience of working according to the latest European legislative and safety standards. The spectrum of supplies and activities that ŠKODA JS has provided covers not only the nuclear island areas. We have a unique and efficient team that is able to comprehensively implement and manage the most complex projects in the nuclear power industry. The work on the Mochovce NPP project is an excellent reference. ŠKODA JS, the entire Czech power engineering industry and the cooperating Czech and Slovak companies are proving their high expertise and skills in the re-development of nuclear power industry. Both at home and abroad."

Jan Stolár
ŠKODA JS spokesperson
jan.stolar@skoda-js.cz  (+420) 605 221 093


Source of photos incl. the the title one: Slovenské elektrárne, a. s.