ŠKODA JS has manufactured a body of the R-201 ammonia reactor

3. 11. 2021

Today, ŠKODA JS a.s. has shipped a body of the R-201 ammonia reactor from its Reactor Shop in Plzeň. The reactor is going to ORLEN UNIPETROL in Litvínov, where ŠKODA JS already delivered the R-101 ammonia reactor in November 2005. The contract with ROEZ s.r.o. included the delivery of the R-201 ammonia reactor body and its base, and complete production documentation including calculations. The work on the contract lasted 1.5 years.

Expedice čpavkového reaktoru

The equipment is used for production of ammonia in chemical plants. The body of the ammonia reactor is a thick-walled casing made of forged hot-rolled steel resistant to compressed hydrogen with a diameter of about 2 m and a total height of almost 22 m including the base. The casing walls are welded from forged rings with a final wall thickness of more than 120 mm. When empty, without internal installations, the R-201 casing weighs almost 160 tons and can handle a maximum allowable overpressure of almost 32 MPa. The permissible temperature range is from - 10°C to 220°C. The total volume of the R-201 ammonia reactor body is approximately 44 m3. The lid with 450 mm-thick wall is sealed with metal sealing rings in a so-called Bredtschneider self-sealing closure.

The shipped R-201 ammonia reactor confirms once again that ŠKODA JS, in addition to its key focus on services and equipment for the nuclear industry, has sufficient know-how and production facilities to supply services and products for the Oil & Gas segment. It also offers cooperation based on top technology and quality to companies in other sectors. 

In addition to production, which accounts for around one third of the company's turnover, the company also offers engineering and service for nuclear facilities. Comprehensive offer for the customer and its projects is an undeniable advantage that the company continues to maintain. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the birth of the first nuclear power facility, a tradition that ŠKODA JS continues today.

Čpavkový reakor