Start-up of Unit 3 continues at Mochovce NPP

22. 9. 2022

Commissioning of Unit 3 continues at the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. 349 fuel assemblies have been loaded into the core and the containment zone has been sealed, thus the reactor assembly has been completed.  Fuel loading into the reactor started on 9 September and was finished three days later. Immediately thereafter, the reactor reassembly after fuel loading was carried out ahead of schedule.

The assembly of the reactor was performed by a team of ŠKODA JS a.s. employees who benefited from the company's many years of experience in the construction and servicing of nuclear power plants. A joint team across all divisions of the company participated in the assembly. This once again confirmed how important it is that engineering, service and production are concentrated in one company - ŠKODA JS, which makes it possible to handle complex nuclear projects.

"Since 2009, we have been a key supplier, particularly for the primary circuit of the Mochovce plant, whose both reactors were manufactured by us," said ŠKODA JS´ General Director František Krček. "The work was carried out with the utmost attention to nuclear safety and quality. This significant milestone effectively marks the end of our assembly activities at Mochovce NPP Unit 3. Of course, we keep on working on the completion of Unit 4 of the plant."

Leak tests, strength tests and other steps will follow, so that the physical start-up can be completed in approximately six weeks. This will be followed by a two-month power start-up phase, where the reactor power is gradually increased.

Jan Stolár
ŠKODA JS Spokesperson

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