Bohunice V2 nuclear power plant

Bohunice V2 nuclear power plant

The Bohunice V2 nuclear power plant is located in the western part of Slovakia, near the city of Trnava. There are two units in operation there with VVER 440/V-213 pressurized water reactors produced by ŠKODA JS, which were connected to the grid in 1984 and 1985. During the construction of the power plant in 1981-1985, ŠKODA JS acted as the final supplier of the primary circuit and fuel-handling part.

Reaktorový sál JE Bohunice - rok 1984

Between 2000 and 2010, the power plant underwent a major modernization, the result of which was an increase in its power output to 506 MW at each unit. Deliveries by ŠKODA JS for this power plant included control rod drives, intermediate rods and hermetic cable penetrations. On an ongoing basis, the company supplies the power plant with neutron flux measurement channels and graphite gaskets.

Interesting numbers

2 VVER 440 reactors produced and supplied
300neutron flux measurement channels supplied (1991-2018)
115control rod drives supplied
120 intermediate rods supplied (1981-2015)