Dukovany nuclear power plant, Czech Republic

Dukovany nuclear power plant, Czech Republic

Partnership since 1982

We have been the Dukovany nuclear power plant’s partner and supplier since the very beginning. During the construction of the power plant in 1982-1987, ŠKODA JS acted as the final supplier of the primary circuit and the fuel-handling part. Apart from a number of other essential components, we produced and supplied four VVER-440 reactor pressure vessels as well as reactor servicing equipment and equipment for the transport and storage of spent nuclear fuel.

We continually provide regular in-service inspections of the reactor pressure vessel, the main coolant piping, heat exchanging tubes of steam generators, heat exchangers and coolers. Since 2008, we have also been the general partner for primary circuit maintenance – we carry out complete repairs and maintenance of the Reactor Building Logical Unit.

A unique project of instrumentation and control system replacement under our belt

Modernizace SKŘ na JE Dukovany

In 2002-2018, ŠKODA JS carried out a complete modernization of the instrumentation and control systems at all units at Dukovany NPP, without extended outages or interruption of the operation of the nuclear units. The replacement was executed during scheduled refueling outages and the installation method and the strategy of testing and commissioning of the new system were quite unique. No one else anywhere in the world has used a similar method of nuclear power plant I&C system replacement to this day.

Also unique was the repair of a heterogeneous weld joint on the hot leg of the main coolant piping, which we executed in 2012. We acted as a complex supplier of activities pertaining to the preparation, testing, calculations and removal of a faulty weld joint, the execution of a new weld as well as the final NDT inspections. Other repairs, similar in scope, were performed in 2013 and 2016.

At the Dukovany NPP, we managed to secure the repair of the reactor after its spillover in 2020, including the securing of expert opinions, preparation and production of devices for the inspection of CRDM flange joints. We are also managing the timely repair of heterogeneous weld joints of the feedwater distribution system, which is very complicated due to the spatial layout and radiation load. In 2022, we have begun repairing the main circulating pump distribution wheels using a robotic workstation. In 2021, we have managed a unique project in cooperation with Framatome to clean the secondary side of SG26. After customer evaluation, we will continue this unique project on the other steam generators. Now we are preparing for another very demanding project – replacement of the CRDM stainless steel liner on the rector of the first Dukovany unit. As a strong partner, since 2022 we have started to provide our own inspections on the RRCS drives, which until now used to be provided exclusively by subcontractors. ŠKODA JS is also carrying out a number of other equally important technical and investment projects on a smaller and larger scale.

Our current project: Reconstruction of the Ancillary Switchboards at the Dukovany NPP

In 2017, we started an extensive and complex modernization project at the Dukovany NPP aimed at increasing operational reliability and safety while reducing operating costs.

The implementation of the project is divided into 22 separate units and comprises the production and installation of a large number of switchboard arrays, all design and implementation activities – dismantling the existing equipment, supply and assembly of new switchboards, their tests and commissioning in the form of a “turnkey” delivery. We are currently carrying out all the necessary modifications of said equipment, structures and systems. The basic prerequisite for the successful execution of the project is strict observance of the schedule.

The history of our cooperation

The timeline of our cooperation with Dukovany NPP

Tlaková nádoba reaktoru VVER 440 pro JE Dukovany

1982-1987 construction of Dukovany NPP:
ŠKODA JS acted as the final supplier of the primary circuit and fuel-handling part

Kompaktní skladovací mříže pro použité palivo na JE Dukovany

1993-1994 we supplied 12 sections of compact storage racks for spent nuclear fuel

Kontejner Castor(R horní index v kroužku) 440/84

1995-2017 delivery of 99 transport and storage casks for spent nuclear fuel manufactured by ŠKODA JS in license production based on the design by the GNS Company

Modernization of the instrumentation and control system at the Dukovany NPP

2002-2018 we executed a complete, modernization of the instrumentation and control system, unique around the world, during the power plant’s full operation

Maintenance of the Reactor Building Logical Unit

2008 ŠKODA JS, a. s. and ČEZ, a. s. concluded a long-term contract for the provision of maintenance of the Reactor Building Logical Unit

Main flange joint stud tensioner of the reactor VVER 440 at the Dukovany NPP

2008 we supplied a main flange joint stud tensioner,which replaced two previous ones

Repair of a heterogeneous weld joint

2012we performed the first unique repair of a heterogeneous weld joint on the hot leg of the main coolant piping

Control rod drives PRO-M

2016-2017we supplied 106 pcs of refurbished control rod drives

Cask ŠKODA 440/84

2016we won the tender for the delivery of 33 casks of our own design for spent nuclear fuel in 2021-2035

Rekonstrukce podružných rozvaděčů

2017-2022the Reconstruction of the Ancillary Switchboards project is under way in the form of a “turnkey” delivery

Interesting numbers

4 VVER 440 reactors produced and delivered
18 instrumentation and control systems modernized over a period of 17 years (v 2001-2018)
340 PRO control rod drives produced
14 years of repairs and maintenance of the Reactor Building Logical Unit (since 2008)