I&C system refurbishment or replacement projects

I&C system refurbishment or replacement projects

The modernization and refurbishment of equipment allows for the continual, reliable and commercially effective operation of nuclear power units.

Dukovany NPP Instrumentation and Control System Replacement

Záměna systému kontroly a řízení JE Dukovany

The most important contract for ŠKODA JS a.s. in this area so far has been the Replacement of the Instrumentation and Control Systems at the Dukovany NPP, whose aim was to extend the planned lifetime of the power plant until 2025 and maintain its safe, reliable and economical operation.

The project was divided into two stages, the first of which took place in 2002-2009 and involved the replacement of and addition to the instrumentation and control systems, which have a significant influence on nuclear safety. The scope of the refurbishment project included the complete replacement of the original analogue systems with modern digital ones, the addition of a new complete post-accident monitoring system, the replacement of sensors and cabling related to the replaced systems, modifications to the unit and emergency control room, and the overall connection of the modernized system with the power plant’s existing equipment. The second stage included the replacement of primary circuit control systems, the turbine and the secondary circuit, including the delivery of the superset diagnostic and information system (implemented in 2007–2017).

The installation method, the testing strategy and the commissioning of the system were entirely unique, as a similar type of replacement of such a major part of the instrumentation and control system of a nuclear power plant had never been performed at any nuclear power facility anywhere in the world. The implementation of the instrumentation and control system replacement was carried out gradually during refueling outages in all four VVER 440 units without causing any long-term interruption of the units’ operation. In the second stage, the individual modernized components of the equipment were commissioned during each outage.

The implementation of the project in 2017 concluded the complete refurbishment of the I&C systems in all production units of the Dukovany nuclear power plant.

We consider it to be a major success that despite the complexity of the project and the unique nature of the entire modernization concept, the contract was completed on budget and on time, which is not always the case when it comes to large projects in the power industry. In retrospect, ŠKODA JS has proven itself in the role of general contractor, as have its main subcontractors who took part in the completion of the project – AREVA (now Framatome), Rolls-Royce, ZAT a.s., and I&C Energo a.s.

Paks NPP Instrumentation and Control System Replacement

Velín JE Paks

In 2015, we won the tender for the replacement of instrumentation and control systems in all units of the Paks NPP, an interesting and extensive turnkey modernization contract. The existing reactor control system, reactor rod control systems and reactor trip breakers from the original Russian supplier are being replaced by ŠKODA JS with modern, digital equipment. As the general contractor in charge of both Basic and Detail Design, ŠKODA JS has applied its skills to effectively manage projects in an international environment, with the supplier model including supplies by the Czech company ZAT a.s. and activities provided by Hungarian companies-

The modernization in Unit 3 of the power plant took place in 2018, with the newly installed equipment successfully commissioned in June. The trial operation of the commissioned units confirmed the reliability and safety of our equipment. This project is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

System Refurbishment at the Temelín NPP

In 2012, after winning a tender, ŠKODA JS signed a contract for the project of Non-unit I&C System Refurbishment at the Temelín NPP. The project was divided into four parts and was successfully completed in 2015.

Refurbishment of the Instrumentation and Control System at the Armenian NPP

Modernizace systémů kontroly a řízení na Arménské JE

In 2017, ŠKODA JS concluded a contract with the Rusatom Servis Company for the refurbishment of instrumentation and control systems, specifically the reactor rod control systems (RRCS) and part of the emergency protection, including the reactor trip breakers at the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant.

Having completed the stage of creation and handover of the design documentation, equipment production and successful tests in production, the equipment was installed and successfully commissioned at the Metsamor NPP in 2020.

In 2021, a testing stand for the reactor control cassette drives will be delivered.

This project demonstrates the ability of ŠKODA JS to manage I&C projects also outside the territory and legislation of the EU.

A Unified Technology Set

In 2019, work was finished on the project of refurbishing part of the I&C systems, the so-called unified technology set, for the Zaporozhye NPP. The contract includes the supply of a software and hardware system for processing input and output signals and their transfer to other unit control systems at the NPP, and a software and hardware automated VVER 1000 reactor actuator control system.

The history of our cooperation

JE Dukovany

2002-2017instrumentation and control system replacement in all four units of the Dukovany NPP

JE Temelín

2012-2015Non-unit I&C system refurbishment in both units at the Temelín NPP

JE Paks

2015-2020instrumentation and control system replacement in all four units of the Paks NPP, Hungary

Záporožská JE

2016-2019refurbishment of part of the instrumentation and control system at the Zaporozhye NPP

Arménská JE

2017-2020refurbishment of the instrumentation and control system at the Armenian NPP

Interesting numbers

20 years of instrumentation and control system refurbishment projects (2002-2022)
17 nuclear power plant units refurbished