Compliance program

Ethical values and rules of ŠKODA JS a.s.

A. Principle of acting in accordance with the law

In all activities, ŠKODA JS a.s. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and its employees strictly observe the legal regulations of the Czech Republic, as well as international agreements by which the Czech Republic is bound.

The Company and its employees also strictly observe the national legal regulations of the states in whose territories the Company carries out its business activities.

The Company's employees are obliged to avoid acts that could fulfill the factual nature of an offense, administrative tort or crime.

Behavior in discordance with the law is prohibited and not tolerated in the Company.

B. Professionalism

Employees are always obliged to perform their work activities in a qualified manner using professional skills and experience, they are obliged to act honestly in all circumstances, they are obliged to know and comply with all internal regulations and relevant legislation relating to their work, they are obliged to fulfill and pay attention to the values, goals and visions of the Company and are obliged to act in such a way as to protect the good name of the Company.

C. Non-discrimination

Any form of discrimination or unequal treatment of employees or business partners based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, status, age, religion, etc. is prohibited.

D. Respect

Employees respect each other's personality and privacy and communicate according to the principles of ethics and social decency. Any inappropriate, offensive, harassing, intimidating or degrading conduct is prohibited.

E. Prohibition to use addictive substances

The use of alcohol, narcotics or addictive substances capable of influencing the employee's work performance is prohibited, as it may endanger life or health, damage the Company's reputation or cause damage.

F. Adherence to competencies

Employees may legally act on behalf of the Company only in cases for which they are authorized in accordance with the Company's internal regulations (especially the Signature and Approval Order) and which result from their job classification and scope of work.

G. Prohibition of conflict of interest

The Company's employees always perform their duties in such a way as to maintain their independence and avoid conflicts of interest. Employees are obliged to refuse and report any intervention, coercion, influence or request that could jeopardize their objectivity and neutrality in the performance of work tasks to the detriment of the Company.

The company's employees may run a business outside their employment. However, they are prohibited from conducting such business activities that lead to a conflict of their personal interests and those of the company.

Employees must not act on behalf of the company in matters that would directly or indirectly lead to a conflict between interests of the company and those of the employee.

Employees are obliged to immediately report an impending or identified conflict of interest to their immediate superior.

H. Compliance with competition rules

Employees are required to act in accordance with competition rules and to contribute to fair and equitable competition. Any conduct that could be considered contrary to competition law is prohibited.

I. Cooperation with public authorities

The company and its employees cooperate with public authorities in a possible investigation into whether there has been a breach of legal regulations by the company's employees.

J. Initiative

All employees can openly express their opinions and attitudes. No one can be sanctioned for expressing their opinion or attitude. The company's management takes into account the suggestions that are forwarded to it by employees.

K. Risk elimination

Appropriate measures have been taken in the company, the purpose of which is to prevent possible unethical or illegal actions of employees, to detect them and to deal with them accordingly.

The Company's employees are also advised not to overlook any violations of the law and to report them for investigation.

L. Prevention of corruption; measures to combat money laundering

The company and its employees fundamentally refuse to accept and offer bribes. Any conduct that could be considered accepting or offering bribes is prohibited.

The company and its employees strictly comply with the legislation on the measures against money laundering, financing of any illegal activities and the fight against terrorism and its support.

M. Transparency

The Company strictly ensures that it duly publishes information the disclosure of which is required by the relevant legal regulations. When the company discloses information beyond what is required by law, it strictly ensures that the published information is true, complete and verified.

N. Protection of sensitive data

The company strictly protects sensitive and personal data communicated to it by its employees, suppliers and business partners or other third parties within their business activities. The company and its employees respect the rights of third parties arising from intellectual property.

O. Environmental protection

The company and its employees undertake to strictly observe the relevant legal regulations governing environmental protection.

The company is committed to minimize the impact of its business activities on the environment and to take further measures to protect it on an ongoing basis.

Procedure for notification of unethical conduct

ŠKODA JS a.s. has implemented a system that allows anyone to submit both anonymous and non-anonymous notifications of conflicts of interest, possible unethical or illegal actions of the company's employees. All such notifications will be thoroughly investigated by the company in accordance with the procedure regulated by the company's internal regulation.

If the announcer so requests, the company shall ensure the confidentiality of his/her identity.

Notification of a potential conflict of interest, unethical or unlawful conduct may be made in one of the following ways:

  1. Personal notification to the company's Compliance Officer in Building No. 150, door number 107 in the company's
    premises at Orlík 266/15, 323 00 Plzeň
  2. Via an anonymous web form here
  3. Written notification:
  • In the Plzeň-Bolevec area - to the mailbox located at the entrance to the gatehouse
  • In the Plzeň-Reactor Shop area - to the mailbox at the entrance to the canteen
  1. By an e-mail to

The notification shall include at least the names of the persons who may be in conflict of interest or may have committed unethical or illegal conduct and a basic description of such conduct. Although a detailed description of the misconduct and supporting evidence are not a condition for notification, they can be a significant contribution to the investigation of the case.

A sample announcement can be found here (Notification of Unethical Conduct)

The Company is committed to provide support and protection to those who report possible conflicts of interest, unethical or illegal conduct by Company employees. The company consistently protects the identity of the announcer (if known) and at the same time protects the announcer from any direct or indirect adverse consequences relating to the notification. However, the Company will not tolerate bullying or intentionally false notifications.

Notification of unethical conduct

Optional part / Information about the announcer:

Mandatory part:

Description of unethical conduct of an employee of ŠKODA JS a.s. (hereinfter referred to as the „Company“), his/her name and job position:

Recommended part:

Evidence based on which the announcer considers that there has been an unethical conduct by an employee of the Company (documents, photographs, audio, video, etc.). Please provide a list of the evidence you attach to the notification.

Final part:


In the case of filling-in the personal data in the voluntary part of this notification, by his/her signature the announcer grants to ŠKODA JS a.s., company ID: 25235753, registered office in Plzeň, Orlík 266/15, 316 00, consent to the collection, storage and processing of these personal data in order to identify possible violations of the principles of the Company's Compliance Program, applicable laws, international agreements, as well as other unethical conduct, and agrees to provide such data to persons involved in implementing the Company's Compliance Program. The announcer grants this consent to the processing of the above stated data for a period of five years.

The announcer further acknowledges that the facts stated in this notification will be the subject of an internal investigation by the Company and may, depending on the results of this investigation, be referred for further investigation to law enforcement authorities, or other competent public authorities. The announcer further acknowledges that this notification is not a means of settling personal conflicts and disputes.

Bullying, manifestly false or intentionally misleading notifications will not be tolerated by the Company.