Corporate Social Responsibility

Socially responsible behavior is part of the corporate philosophy of ŠKODA JS a.s. The company is aware of the obligations arising from its position as one of the most prominent companies in the Pilsen Region. Every year, it supports a number of cultural, educational, sports and charitable projects

The company has provided long-term support for technical education. ŠKODA JS a.s. supports, both financially as well as through its experts’ teaching activities, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and the Czech Technical University in Prague. Students at the technical faculties of these universities also have the opportunity to write their bachelor’s and master’s theses according to the instructions and under the expert supervision of the company’s employees.

ŠKODA JS a.s. has traditionally developed the most extensive cooperation in the area of education in the Pilsen Region. The company’s experts are involved in teaching students majoring in the “Design of Nuclear Power Systems” in the Department of Power System Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Cooperation also continues in working with engineering apprentices, particularly in the area of practical teaching, which takes place in the production facilities of ŠKODA JS a.s.

ŠKODA JS a.s. is the main organizer of the annually held “Nuclear Days” event, which is an exhibition, complemented with lectures, that aims to present the area of nuclear power and its use mainly to students at secondary schools and universities and increase their interest in science and technology. ŠKODA JS a.s. organizes this exhibition in cooperation with the organization CENEN (Czech Nuclear Education Network) and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

ŠKODA JS a.s. also took second place in the 5th year of the Pilsen Region Governor’s Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for the year 2017 in the Business Sector category, thus continuing in its past success in this competition.

Over the long term, ŠKODA JS a.s. helps those in need, in particular through social welfare homes, children’s homes and charities operating in the Pilsen Region.

Organizations supported by ŠKODA JS

HC Škoda Plzeň


Talent MAT Plzeň

Talent MAT Plzeň

Filmový festival Finále Plzeň

Filmový festival Finále Plzeň

Akademie individuálních sportů

Akademie individuálních sportů



University of West Bohemia


Czech Technical University in Prague


Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering, Pilsen and Secondary Vocational School of Professor Švejcar, Pilsen


Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

ŠKODA JS and the Environment

Through its environmental policy, ŠKODA JS a.s. fully respects the applicable principles of environmental protection. Environmental safety and protection form an integral part of the Company’s management system and the way of thinking, behavior and work habits of all its employees as well as suppliers

The Company’s environmental behavior is the subject of interest of legislation as well as a number of stakeholders, and it can significantly influence business prosperity. The approach to the environment plays an important role in the selection of business partners not only in foreign tenders, but also with larger domestic companies. Environmental aspects form part of the business strategy and everyday management of optional tools recommended by international organizations and the policies of the European Union and individual member states.

Two inspections by the Czech Environmental Inspectorate were performed at ŠKODA JS a.s. last year, confirming that environmental protection forms an integral part of the Company’s policies.


Ocenění-Quality Innovation Award 2016 - KNIŽ

ŠKODA JS a.s. received the Quality Innovation Award in the international Quality Innovation of the Year 2016 Competition. ŠKODA JS a.s. won in the Business Innovations – Large Companies category with its equipment for the removal, transport and disposal of thermocouples and neutron flux sensors from VVER 1000 reactors.

Cena hejtmana - předávání 2018

For the fifth time, the Pilsen Region chose the best companies in the competition for the  Governor’s Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2018, ŠKODA JS took second place in this competition.

Exportér roku 2017_Top Rating

ŠKODA JS a.s. received an award in the Exporter of the Year 2017 competition. It took first place in the Export Growth 2015-2016 category (large exporters over CZK 500 million).