Investment engineering represents the key area of our business. ŠKODA JS capitalizes on its many years of experience with large investment projects in the nuclear power industry throughout Europe. We provide a comprehensive variety of activities from project design to equipment commissioning.


The concept of engineering at ŠKODA JS encompasses a wide range of activities involved in the proper execution of every business case. Engineering covers activities from the early stages of a business case all the way to its completion.

The main engineering activities include project management, budgeting and cost management, design, calculations and analyses, planning, procurement of subcontracts and deliveries of complex units, supply chain management and coordination, assembly and test management, the commissioning of supplied equipment, staff training and customer support during the warranty period.

Business cases also often require project financing. The full scale of the aforementioned activities is performed in projects in which ŠKODA JS acts as the general contractor or in deliveries of complex investment projects. In case of other types of contracts, only the appropriate types of activities are performed depending on the content and scope of the project.

We are a strategic and experienced partner

As a traditional and experienced supplier of nuclear technologies, we want to further develop our expertise and capabilities in our domain, which is mainly VVER-type nuclear power plants, whose technology we have mastered and which we are able to further develop throughout the project lifecycle – from design, calculation and analytical activities to the realization phase, including its thorough and qualified preparation, all the way to the commissioning of the supplied equipment. We also apply this knowledge to large projects and export contracts, such as our current deliveries to Ukraine – the system of emergency containment depressurization or the refurbishment of nuclear fuel handling equipment and polar cranes.

We have a number of interesting and often unique projects under our belt

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We maintain our technical readiness, among other things, through interesting smaller projects with unique technical characteristics, and we also evaluate their potential overreach from the nuclear power industry into the conventional power industry. One such example is the project of a solar loop verifying the possibility of converting solar energy into electricity using new media, a helium regeneration system, and a melting autoclave system – both with the potential to be used in the development of generation IV nuclear reactors, as well as the development of new ways of storing energy.

We have been behind a number of exceptional projects. In the area of engineering and deliveries of power plant safety and management systems, we implemented the project of the complete modernization of instrumentation and control systems at the Dukovany NPP – a unique project, unparalleled anywhere in the world. Between 2000 and 2018, during full operation of the power plant, we gradually replaced its entire safety, control and information system. This was done on schedule, within the set budget and using only regular maintenance and refueling outages, i.e., without requiring any long-term downtime of the nuclear units. No other supplier anywhere in the world has ever achieved such a feat.

Our current goal is the involvement of ŠKODA JS in the construction of new nuclear units in Europe and the surrounding areas. We are still most familiar with VVER technology, where, thanks to our active role in the preparation of the tender application for the completion of the Temelín NPP in 2009–2014, we have detailed knowledge of the new type of VVER 1200 unit. We will seek to win the engineering projects in the construction of the Hanhikivi 1 (Finland), Paks II (Hungary) and Akkuyu (Turkey) nuclear power plants. In addition to these projects, we are prepared to play a significant role in the preparation and construction of a new nuclear unit in the Czech Republic.

Construction of VVER nuclear units - primary circuit system, fuel handling system

  • Project management
  • Detail design
  • Calculations and safety analyses
  • Research works
  • Component manufacture
  • On-site installation
  • Commissioning

Supply and modernization of nuclear unit I&C systems

  • Replacement of primary circuit control systems
  • Replacement of turbine control systems 
  • Replacement of secondary circuit control systems 
  • Complete replacement with modern digital systems
  • General interconnection of modernized systems with the current power plant equipment

EPC projects - comprehensive delivery of particular technological units

Computational analyses for nuclear power plants and technological plants

  • Neutron physics
  • Radiation safety
  • Thermohydraulics
  • Strength calculations including piping systems

Design activities

  • Project documentation of all stages
  • Laser scanning
  • Technical preparation of installations

Piping systems in the power industry

  • Project documentation of all stages
  • Supplies and installations

Owner’s Engineering activities

Spent fuel interim storage facilities

Construction of research and training reactors