We are ŠKODA JS, the general contractor for comprehensive primary circuit equipment maintenance and repairs at the Dukovany and Temelín nuclear power plants and a long-term partner for operators of nuclear power plants throughout Europe.


The NPP Services division represents one of the three core pillars of the ŠKODA JS Company. Its domain includes a wide range of services that we offer and provide to our customers and partners, nuclear power plant operators. We are viewed as a strong and reliable partner capable of ensuring deliveries within the entire lifecycle of a nuclear power plant. Our common goal is to maintain safe, effective and reliable operation of nuclear power plants.

An industry leader with a comprehensive scope of activities

With a tradition of more than 60 years, ŠKODA JS is one of the leaders in nuclear engineering in Europe. Thanks to the three pillars of our business – engineering, production and service – and also thanks to our extensive experience, knowledge and the technical expertise of our staff, we can guarantee comprehensive and advanced solutions to our customers in the areas of scheduled maintenance as well as operational maintenance and special repairs, in the field of nuclear power plant modernization or the production of components for VVER, PWR, BWR as well as research and training nuclear reactors and other unique equipment used in the operation of nuclear power plants.

We are the general partner for primary circuit maintenance and repairs at all the nuclear units operated in the Czech Republic – the Temelín NPP (VVER 1000) and the Dukovany NPP (VVER 440). Specifically, we are the general contractor for services for the Reactor Building Logical Unit. Our regular activities include primary circuit essential component lifetime management, including the performance of periodic inspections of reactor pressure vessels. We provide strength, thermal and radiation calculations as well as the development of new equipment for retrospective dosimetry.

Material Laboratories and Testing Shops

Our material laboratories perform standard material tests and expert examinations within our production, service or development contracts. We are an accredited testing laboratory pursuant to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Significant activities of the Material Laboratories include assessments of inspected welding joints for nuclear power plants.

The Testing Shops are a specialized facility where using a unique test loop we perform handover tests of PRO-M control rod drives and LKP-M linear step drives. For external companies, the Testing Shops carry out hydraulic tests of fuel assembly models and verify the tightness of flange joint models. At the LKP 1000 stand, for example, hydraulic tests of a new Westinghouse fuel assembly model were performed in the experimental "C" channel. The positive results of the hydraulic tests were decisive for the delivery of 6 pcs of Westinghouse fuel assemblies to the reactor core at the Temelín NPP.

Few words from Division Director

The service of important components of VVER-type nuclear power plants has a long-standing tradition at ŠKODA JS. Thanks to our experience, practice and know-how we are a strong and reliable partner for our customers.

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Zdeněk Kratochvíl
NPP Services Division Director

Reactor building equipment outage management

  • Service of Temelín NPP Primary Circuit
  • Service of Dukovany NPP Primary Circuit

Reactor building equipment maintenance and repairs

Reactor building equipment modernization

Reactor building equipment lifetime management/extension

Accredited Material Laboratories

  • Material testing and expert examinations carried out mostly as part of production, maintenance and development contracts
  • Assessment of inspected welding joints for nuclear power plants
  • Production of connectors and glass-sealed cable penetrations for PRO-M and LKP control rod drives

Reactor building key equipment in-service inspections

  • Reactor
  • Steam generators
  • Main circulation piping

Designer's supervision during reactor inspections and repairs

Testing Shops

  • Testing of VVER and RBMK control rod drive mechanisms
  • Testing of VVER fuel assemblies


ŠKODA JS - people I can rely on for many reasons.

In-service inspections

In-service inspections

  • Inspections of reactor pressure vessels
  • Inspections of welds of the main cooling piping loops
  • Inspections of heat transfer pipes in steam generators
  • Inspections of heat transfer pipes in exchangers and coolers
  • Inspections of LPG tanks using the acoustic emission method
Maintenance of reactor building logical units

Maintenance of reactor building logical units

  • General partner for comprehensive repairs and maintenance since 2008
  • Dukovany and Temelín NPPs
Repair of a heterogeneous weld joint

Repair of a heterogeneous weld joint

  • General contractor for a unique repair
  • Preparation, tests, calculations and implementation
  • Dukovany and Temelín NPPs

Dukovany nuclear power plant, Czech Republic

Dukovany nuclear power plant, Czech Republic

  • The final supplier of the primary circuit and the fuel-handling part in all four units at the nuclear power plant
  • General contractor for the unique project of the complete I&C systems replacement in full operation
  • Reconstruction of the ancillary switchboards
  • Strength, seismic and lifetime calculations
Temelín nuclear power plant

Temelín nuclear power plant

  • The final supplier of the primary circuit and the fuel handling part in both units
  • Control system refurbishment projects
  • Strength, seismic and lifetime calculations
  • The capping of channels of ionization chambers – equipment production, assembly supervision, and training for operating staff
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